What Health Effects Can Edible Marijuana Bring to You?

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“People can buy cookies, candies and all sorts of things with THC in them. Back in the day, you had to make your own brownies, or something like that, and now they are becoming more widely available and increasing in popularity.”


That’s what happens when medical marijuana is legal in a majority of states.


Marijuana has some well-proven benefits, including relieving chronic pain. It can be taken by smoking, eating or drinking. However, the federal ban on marijuana makes it hard to study its effects on humans, especially what edible marijuana can do to us.



A research group therefore did a study on the effects on lab mice when they consumed edible marijuana, freely as they wanted.


How edible marijuana affected lab mice


There are two main substances in marijuana, THC and CBD. THC can make you relaxed, heighten your senses, and make you high, while CBD does the opposite: it makes you down from anxiety. (See: Medical Marijuana Reduces Severe Pain: Effectiveness and Side Effects for more information).


Researchers offered the mice with dough made from flour, sugar, salt, glycerol and THC.


They observed the effects marijuana had on mice after consuming edible THC. Although theoretically, THC would make you more excited, the mice showed lower body temperature and less activeness after consuming THC voluntarily and repeatedly.


Just like when humans get addicted to marijuana, the mice would also voluntarily consume behavioral-effective doses of edible THC and will repeat the activity.



What effects it might have on humans


Similar conditions may happen to humans, too.


The normal body temperature for adults vary from 97 F to 99 F. Your own normal body temperature can depend on how active you are, the time of the day, your age, sex, what you’ve eaten or drunk, and whether you are in your menstrual cycle (for women).


If your body temperature drops below 95 F, hypothermia occurs. Hypothermia may lead to cold body parts, shivering, tiredness, confusion, irritability, and even death.



What to do

Although consuming edible marijuana may lead to serious results, it only happens when consuming a large amount of marijuana that the body cannot afford.


Why it’s easy to consume an overdose of marijuana


The effects of marijuana on human bodies are somewhat delayed when consumed in food or beverages, compared with by smoking. They usually appear 30 to 60 minutes after consuming because the drug must first pass through the digestive system.


Eating or drinking marijuana delivers significantly less THC into the bloodstream than smoking an equivalent amount of the plant. And because of the delayed effects, it’s easy for you to inadvertently consume more THC than you intend to, which may lead to bad effects.



How to control the dose


Eating an excessive dose of THC can be scary, even for seasoned smokers. To take marijuana safely, here are some tips for you.


1.      Measuring by milligrams. Consider 10 milligrams to be a unit or dose, and know that 1 to 2.5 units can make you relax, and larger amounts may be dangerous.


2.      Don’t try too much if you are not experienced. If you are taking marijuana for the first time, take no more than 20 milligrams.


3.      Never on an empty stomach. Always take marijuana after dinner.


4.      Don’t mix it with alcohol.


5.      Read the label before taking. Again, do NOT overdose.


6.      Seek for medical help if you get too high.



Further research


There is still a long way to go.


The research scientists have done on mice opens the door to additional studies that will help shed light on behavioral and physiological effects that occur in people when they eat food infused with marijuana.


But there are still questions remaining to be answered, including the impact of edibles on people’s ability to think, possible long-term consequences for a frequent consumer, and consequences (if any) of a child accidentally eating a marijuana edible.


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These messages are for mutual support and information sharing only. Always consult your doctor before trying anything you read here.
Not sure about what this can do but Im sure cannabis and opioid together can make you extremely sensitive and tired. My elder bro once took them together coz he was tortured by some severe pain but he then cried n shouted n did everything you can imagine. I knew it's wrong. I knew it. He was crazy. He was poor n totally out of his mind
IT IS DANGEROUS INDEED. My husband used these two things and he felt anxious and uncomfortable in the chest. I looked things up and see this about a study on using cannabis and opioid together: "The study revealed not only elevated anxiety and depression symptoms, but also tobacco, alcohol, cocaine and sedative use among those who added the cannabis, compared with those who used opioids alone. No increased pain reduction was reported." so TELL YOUR BROTHER NEVER DO THAT AGAIN
You people need to stop bashing Cannibis it's all natural our body's have a natural cannabinoid system that when Cannibis is introduced it lowers BP, stress gone ,anxiety gone chronic pain is helped tremendously by consuming Cannibis with higher THC and also Cbd ,if your taking Percocet 10/425 usual dose is 3 x a day if you consume Cannibis then you can skip a dose of Percocet they work hand in had especially with long term use of opioids it works miracles where the Percocet looses its effectiveness after a period of time and stops working like it did in the beginning instead of switching to a different opioid try taking less opiates as you introduce Cannibis I guarantee you quality of life will improve.Theres all kinds of different Cannibis strains continue taking opioids just take less as you consume cannabis ,you can roll a joint ,load it up in a water pipe bong so to say or vaporizer and yes eddibles myself never tried em another guarantee though you can't overdoses on Cannibis compared to opioids which have killed with numorous  overdoses ,Folks this Cannibis is the Answer to the opioid epidemic please I ask do research before condemning Medical Cannabis use in a medicinal fashion .
I totally aggree with you.  The missinformed are all over.  I am an educated extractionist, caregiver to cerebral palsey patients, and a grower.  This is a medicine with little to no side affects when used correctly.  All this other information put out bybthe FDA and CDC is propaganda because they madebit illegal un the first place over greed.  They called it Marijuana because Mary and Juan were the two most common names in the source country mexico.  CANNABIS up until 1937 was used to treat iver 200 deiseases and illnesses.  Dont believe hype put out by golks with interests that ly in the opposite of long term healing.  Its band-aid style Rx bullshit medicine that makes you more sick half of the time.  See documentary Run From the Cure, and educate yourselves on a subject before speaking right? Does anyone even know what the endocannabanoid system is? Or what cb1 and cb2 receptors are, or where they are located.  Its such a joke the uneducated boloney that flys out of peoples mouths still conditioned by things like "Reefer Madness." It turns mexicans and blues musicians into psychotic rapists according to that campaign funded by the Rx companies and our womderful medical establishment regulated by big food, Pharma, and Rx.  Its called the FDA, and they all smoke cigars and plot how to line each others pockets at the expense of the health of peoplenlike you and me.  Disgusting.  Wake up world!
Haha!! Right on!! Now I absolutely know nothing when it comes to this medicine but I'm learning. I suffer from sever chronic pain and I refuse to go back on oxycontin. If this stuff can take the pain away or at least part of it that would be great. I cannot inHale and I certainly don't want to feel high. I have Narcolepsy also, so getting high and passing out all day long only to wake up then have the Narcolepsy kick in boy what a life! NOT!! Ha! Theres got to be a way to go,to be able to stay awake and deal with all of this pain and without all the grill cheese sandwiches. I think edibles might be the way to go. However I was given one piece of candy and was told to eat the entire piece. Well I only had about 1/3 of it and the next thing that I could remember was ,2 eww I was under the dining room table with my pajama pants on my arms instead of my legs. I was terrified and hallucinating horribly. That I never want to go through again. So finding the right stuff for me is gonna take some time. Thanks for the info. in your texted on what to read..That was very much appreciated..
a few major errors in this report. First and formost, the writer is not experienced. How can you write about something you haven't experienced. Cannabis is not addictive. Cannabis DOES NOT interact with any other drug. It's impossible to overdose on cannabis. If you do too much it can be unpleasant but there is no need to see a doctor. Everyone's "sweet spot" is different in regards to dosage. There are different strains that have been bred and crossbred to get different effects. I haven't smoked in years because it's harmful to my lungs. Edibles are the way to go. You are correct about the right dosage and I would consider 5-10 milligrams a microdose. Just right for me!
I agree it has never been proven that you can overdose on marijuana. But my nephew is definitely Addicted. If he don’t smoke he really goes through withdrawals to a point where you’d think he was on cocaine. He will steal, kill, and destroy I believe because I’ve never seen someone act a fool because it wasn’t available. But I do agree people should consume a little at a time. Give it a minute, later it will flow through. Your body will feel it gradually into a mellow high. Nobody should smoke too much.
Never heard of ANYONE having that kind of problem, sure it wasn't mixed with something else or synthetic? SYNTHETIC Makes You Really Crazy!!! And as the previous post I've never heard of anyone addicted to MJ.
I'm certain that marijuana is not addictive. I smoked for over 50 years. Daily. Every day. Then at 65 years old it became necessary to quit because I needed a job and they all required drug testing. So I stopped smoking. I expected it to be harder than it was. But it's been over a year now without touching any at all. And it was readily available because my wife has cancer and smoking helped her through the chemotherapy. I feel fine,my memory got a little better and I didn't have any bad reaction to stopping cold turkey. It's way easier than giving up cigarette smoking. I'm entirely clean,have random drug testing at work and it's very calming to know I will pass every time. So after smoking every day for 50 years, I quit. Not addictive, nicotine is addictive,THC is not. I'll submit to blood,urine,hair tests at any time to prove it. And I NEVER hallucinated. Anyone that claims this is either lying or using other drugs with the marijuana.
I totally agree with Trae! I've been smoking marijuana for 25+ years. Yes there has been time's I have had to quit and I didn't have a probably. All that other I hear about cannabis does is bad things to you. Wrong statement given by the dea or fda. It's THC and a plant that grows from a seed planted in dirt. If you smoke or eat there made some pain away, relaxation, good rest, and that's what side effects I get! I have major health problems and I don't worry about them. God grew it and God don't make any mistakes! Oh the overdosing part Ha! Man made pills, drugs, and even alcohol can kill you. Wow people out there if you can get on this site, then you may need to do more research on marijuana online book, "The Guide for true Cannabis growing and wonders it can do!"