Can Fenbendazole Really Treat Cancer?

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I have been reading a lot about this dog medicine that supposedly can kill cancer cells. But is it true?

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its too good to be true

i must warn you
I googled and found an article about a drug very like fenbendazole tested for brain cancer at Johns Hopkins University, they thought it might have promise!
Hi Durham, I googled but didn't found it. Would you please give me a website?
You can just search "JHU Researchers Stumble Upon Treatment That May Help Brain Cancer Patients"
It is very helpful. I appreciate that!
But they only tested in mice. I won’t try drugs that have not been tested in humans.
If everything else has failed and death is certain, it might be worth a shot. But an untested drug can still cut the remaining time and make you more miserable.
You guys should know human trials will take many many years. But fenbendazole has extremely low toxicity. I think that the risk and reward is worth a try.
Yeah, I agree. Especially when traditional medical options have a lot of limitations.
I am really wanting my dad to take fenbendazole. I know Joe Tippens have been able to survive terminal cancer...this gives my a great hope..
Joe Tippens is an Oklahoman. That’s where I live. He is helping a lot of people around here with his story. He sent them emails detailing his story.
he has a website, you might want to check it
thank you Alicia, I have already checked it :)
Don’t know much about Fenbendazole, but take a look at Niclosamide. It is a tapeworm medication that can reduce cancer. You can read “how to starve cancer” by Jane McClelland. It is quite interesting and compelling I must say.