Swollen ankle, any acute disease?

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Husband was in biz trip the whole week. He had much alcohol every day for 6 days. In day 6, both of his ankle were swelling, he couldn't put on his shoes. In day 7 he had a 7-hour flight home, then had a long long sleep, now the swelling almost fades, at least I can see the ankle bone clearly, but still feel a bit weird, guess the swelling not completely going away. He has high blood pressure, diabetes, is on BP meds and two blood sugar meds, one of them is long-lasting. He visits his cardiologist every quarter, last time his kidney and liver function were all good. He has two small cysts in kidney, and has slight blockage(<25%) and calcification in one of his heart arteries, heart valve slightly thicken(6 months ago) due to high cholesterol. He didn't feel anything other than the swelling feet. His urination was all normal. Now I wonder he needs to go to a specialist right away or not?  Since the swelling is going away, does it mean the acute thing might not be found in either bloor or urine? What do you think causes the swelling? Thank you.

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It could be a gout attack. First, your husband had several risks for gout, such as high BP, diabetes. Second, excessive alcohol drinking is a well-established trigger for gout attack. Probably he can make an appointment with a nephrologist to check for this.

Thank you. He also said gout, but I dout, coz he didn't feel any pain. Gout is painful, isn't it?
Yes, I agree, it is painful. But I still think it can be gout. He can check the blood uric acid level to support/refute the possibility of gout.

Common situation: heart failure, liver failure, kidney disease. 

The swelling could be due to heart failure from coronary heart disease (risk factor: hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol). Also, it could be due to liver disease, since your husband had alcohol too much. It could also be due to kidney disease, the chance of which is high for patients with diabetes for a long time. Your husband needs to see a specialist before the situation gets worse.

The swelling is gone today. Does he need to see a specialist right away? If not urgent, which I hop, we can schedule his appoitnment next month. Does it sound okay?
I am not so sure. Try to see a doctor and get screen test, such as: blood routine, liver function, kidney function, thyroid function, et al. If you have any clue, see a specialist.

I think this acute swelling may be related to his binge drinking. I think he probably does not need special attention right now.  But he does have risks for the heart and kidneys problems, so he should go to see these specialists to comprehensively evaluate his medications.

So heavy drinking does cause acute swelling, thank you for letting me know. I'll make appointment for him, it will be in Sep.