Is coconut oil good for burning feet?

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Is Aloe Vera the best thing for soothing after sunburn?
Would say yes. Used the gel for years and it never let me down.

Coconut oil alone can be applied on the feet to get soft and smooth feet, as it clears dead cells and regenerates new cells. But you have to use organic virgin coconut oil instead of refined one, which is available in the market.

I do not think so. There are too many causes for burning feet, such as diabetic neuropathy, venous insufficiency, tinea pedis, and so on. I do not believe that coconut oil will be all good to all the conditions.

I am 60 years old and I have burning feet. At first, I thought it was caused by diabetes, but it was not. Therefore, I went to a podiatrist at hospital. I was told there that was caused by a high instep of my bone on the feet and the main bone on sole of foot was out of alignment which makes my heel lower than my toes. The hospital gave me a special insoles and shoes and gradually the pain was relieved.