Is My Tooth Socket Infected?

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A week ago, I got one teeth extracted. It still hurts a little bit and is also still pretty sore. I even can not open my mouth fully. To look at, there is something in the socket but it is yellowish mixed with pink and a little bit of white. I'm afraid whether my tooth socket is infected.

5 Answers

It might be. Food is getting down in the extraction sites and decaying, causing acid and the bad taste in your mouth. Usually, you will get a syringe to flush out the lower sites after you eat, to keep the sockets clean and to prevent the hole from closing with food still inside.
I had wisdom teeth removed 2 weeks ago. I was told not to brush where I had the extraction. Use warm salt water rinses several times a day especially after meals is also advised.
These symptoms show that you possibly have an infected socket:
     The pain affects the jaw
     Pain that develops 3 to 5 days
     Visible redness on the treated gum
I had infected teeth socket before. It was so painful. I tried to ignore mine and I ended up having surgery to drain it.
Take medications containing ibuprofen. They can help relieve the caused pain.
When I had my wisdom teeth out I ate mostly pudding, ice cream, yoghurt and mashed potatoes.
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