What Causes Sudden Infant Death?

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My best friend lost her newborn baby girl yesterday and there is no clear reasons. Its really hurt me to see her like this and I wanna know what is the reason.

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The causes of SIDS is still unknown. But there are many potential risk factors:

  •     Smoking, drinking, or drug use during pregnancy 
  •     Poor prenatal care 
  •     prematurity 
  •     Mothers younger than 20 
  •     Overheating 

OMG , I am so sorry for hearing this. It is caused by so many possible things and each case is different.

I know they say smoking while you are pregnant or being around second hand smoke can cause it.
Horrible, how sad her parents would be!
Yes, so terrible. My neighbor lost her baby because of SID as well and she was reduced to sadness then.
To avoid more tragedies, parents can prevent it by keeping their sleep space clear of things that might cover their mouth and nose.