Lavender Oil Can Cause Abnormal Breast Growth in Girls & Boys

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A recent study published in the Endocrine Society's Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism found that abnormal breast growth in young girls can be caused by lavender oil exposure.



About the study


Previous studies have proven that lavender oil can contribute to abnormal breast growth in young boys. This latest study is the first study to report abnormal breast growth in young girls.


The researchers found that certain components of lavender oils mimic estrogen and block testosterone, which can cause the breast growth observed in girls and boys. When discontinuing these products, the breast growth problems were resolved.



What the public should notice


For common people, they should consider all evidence before deciding when to use lavender oils.


For parents, they should know that lavender oils can cause premature breast growth, so it may be better to discontinue using them on children.


For physicians, they should be aware that lavender oils contain endocrine-disrupting chemicals. In addition, this factor should be taken into consideration in the evaluation of premature breast development in young girls and boys, and the swelling of breast tissue in adult men.



What is lavender oil?


Lavender oil is an essential oil and an increasingly popular home remedy. Lavender oil is derived from the lavender plant and can be taken orally, applied to the skin or breathed in through aromatherapy.


Lavender oil can benefit you in numerous ways, including:


—Help healing wounds

—Improving hair health

—Lightening skin

—Soothing eczema and dry skin

—Treating acne

—Treating face wrinkles

—Treating inflammation



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Oh my god. I knew it. My daughter likes to use lavender oil when bathing and she started to show premature features she is just 10. Shit I should have thrown that damn oil away. I'll stop her today. Just Today.
Stop using lavender oil the sooner the better. She can use it freely when she grows up.
What kind of cream I can use for Itchy and burning skin from lavender.
You can try using oats or oatmeal as home remedies. If they don't work for you, talk to your doctor. Your doctor will prescribe the suitable cream or medication.
First of all, stop using lavender and then the symptoms would get better. Hydrocortisone creams can be used too if the symptoms do not go away.
Goats M milk
If young girls hear that lavender oil - or anything - will make their breasts larger and sooner, you can bet they will find a way to get it and use it. And who are we to say them 'Nay?'
Sounds like a man answer. You want young girls to have breast sooner? Sounds like a pedophilia like statement to me. Who are we to say them Nay. We are adults you stupid man. Just like with any drugs you do what you can to protect them and hinder them from using them.
Thank you.
Coming from an adult man, that was a creeper comment about young girls.
Yeah sounds like a perv to me...
I need this. I have small boobs.
Me too