Shaking Your Body Can Treat Diabetes?

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When I say shaking your body, I don't mean to shake by dancing or hula hooping. Instead, I am taking about body vibration by using macrophages to reduce inflammation in diabetes.



What are macrophages?


Our body sometimes can be a whole mess. Cells are dying, bacteria are wandering in, and viruses are attempting mass takeovers. It is our immune system's job to clean up the mess. An integral part of this process is macrophages.


Macrophage means "big eaters" in Greek. A macrophage is a large white blood cell that cleans our body of microscopic debris and invaders. It is able to locate and "eat" particles, such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites.



Whole body vibration changes microbiome and deters inflammation 


Researchers at the Medical College of Georgia and Dental College of Georgia at Augusta University made a mouse model and found that by yielding macrophages, whole body vibration can improve how well our body uses glucose and adjust our microbiome to deter inflammation.


In their mouse model, the researchers found:


Whole body vibration alters the microbiome. Microbiome is a collection of microorganisms in and on our body. It can help us digest food in the gut and thus reduce inflammation.



Specifically, whole body vibration increases levels of a bacterium called Alistipes. The 17-fold increase in Alistipes is the most dramatic change. Alistipes is a gut bacterium not typically in high supply but is good at making short chain fatty acids.


These short chain fatty acids help digest our food without producing alcohol, improves the metabolic status of our gut and makes us more proficient at using the glucose we consume for energy. They are very good at decreasing inflammation in the gut.


Our microbiome is like a casserole and in layers. Whole body vibration may rearrange those layers, but for now, the researchers are not certain how whole body vibration works exactly. While more work is needed, whole body vibration might be one widely applicable and generally safe approach to use.



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At fitness centers, they have devices that vibrate your whole body. You stand in the center and it shakes or vibrates your whole body. They have these at Planet Fitness.
Shaking your body that way can definitely burn your fat lmao
LOL, Peggy, you're joking, right?
LOL, Peggy, you're kidding, right??
My parents had one when I was young. It was all the rage. We lost more weight laughing!
Does a massage chair work? I have such a massage chair it has a vibration mood, shaking your body.
I used to sit on a massage chair, just sit there and without massaging. It's so comfortable that I gained 5 pounds.
How do I increase the use of macrophages?
There are several home remedies that can boost your immunity.
1.Get enough sleep and manage stress.
2.Avoid tobacco smoke.
3.Drink less alcohol
4.Eat plenty of vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds
5.Consider probiotics.