Fluoride in drinking water during pregnancy may lead to lower IQ of children

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Fluoride exposure from drinking water during pregnancy could be making children less intelligent, a new Canadian study argues.


Researchers studied 601 mother-child pairs from six cities in Canada, and found that on average, 1 milligram/liter increase in maternal urinary fluoride meant 4.5-point lower IQ score in children by the time they reached ages 3 to 4.



"Four and a half IQ points is of substantial societal and economic concern," said senior researcher Christine Till, an associate professor of psychology at York University in Toronto. "We're talking a magnitude that's comparable to what we're talking about when we talk about lead exposure.


"You would have millions of more children falling into the range of intellectual disability with IQ scores of less than 70, and that many fewer kids in the gifted range," Till concluded.


Although there is no clear cause, strong association between fluoride exposure and children intelligence in various studies has revealed the importance of preventing fluoridations.



2/3 U.S. residents now live in an area with fluoridated water, compared with 38% of Canadians and 3% of Europeans, which makes the situation more serious.


According to American Dental Association, a recommended amount of fluoride in community water (0.7 mg/L) is beneficial and safe for the public.


However, after careful surveys on the mothers’ drinking habits, potential exposure to fluoride water, and the children’s IQ scores, researchers from the Canadian team suggest that pregnant women should consider reducing their exposure to fluoride.



This includes avoiding public water sources that are fluoridated, since those account for 70% of fluoride exposure in adults.


“You’re not doing any harm to your baby by reducing your fluoride intake, you can reduce it and your baby will be fine.” Said a researcher.


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It's a deeply flawed study on several levels. Fluoridated drinking water, as long as it is within guideline recommended/allowed amounts, is safe. Don't believe the nonsensical sensationalist hype in the media or the alternative medicine websites about this-resist the temptation.
What are some of the flaws in the study? There are many other studies from many countries that indicate fluoridated drinking water leads to substantial decreases in IQ (8 points in some cases). This issue should receive more attention, and people should research and consider using fluoride-free toothpaste.
If you are stating that there are studies in other countries, then list them!
How about you state studies that say it's safe. Nobody should be ingesting a neurotoxin, period.
Get on duckduckgo and research the dangers of fluoride, it's everywhere. But the far left will remove info soon, I'm sure. Hitler used it to dull the general public down in their water. To make their motivation very low. Hilters prison camps used it also(in higher doses in the only water available to them in camps). It kept them dull & unmotivated. Check the facts outs
There are SO many typographical errors in the statement above that I wonder if the person has any idea what s/he is writing about!
Hey there. Thank you for your careful reading. I've checked through the post and edited the errors.
They stated facts. Do your due diligence.
You need to be careful with all observational studies. Wealthier and more educated people live in fluoridated water communities, so other factors may determine their children's higher IQ. Only randomized clinical trials can answer these questions and it is impractical to randomize people to fluoridated drinking water or not for the number if years needed to determine IQ outcome of their children.
I want to click on that heart to vote you up but somehow I cant. Never mind. I think you are making a point.
Wealth and “education” are your definition of intelligence? MD?
Those who have had neither are still obviously very intelligent, if they are amongst those who are born this way.
You're so right! Without fluoride consumption, they may have had even higher IQ'S?