They Are All Red: Why Your Husband Can’t Tell Different Lipstick Colors

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Men are great for some things but terrible for others. I don't mean to make sweeping generalizations, but most men are not good at any of those makeup things, for example, lipsticks. And it's not surprising that they're unable to recognize two similar colors of lipsticks which women can probably differentiate and apply with ease.



Try asking your partner to tell the difference between the above four lipsticks. I believe most of them will tell you, "They seem kinda different, but all red". This is hilarious, isn't it?


Studies suggest that there may be several reasons.


1. Different color vocabulary


According to the data collected, women tend to use more elaborate color names than men.






Red Color



Light Coral



Fire Brick

Dark Red

Indian Red

Pink Color



Light Pink
Hot Pink
Deep Pink
Medium Violet Red
Pale Violet Red


See the difference? Men are unlikely to use specific color names in general conversation like women. 



2. Different hormone levels


Men are not that good at recognizing colors because the levels of testosterone (a sex hormone) in adult males are about 7 to 8 times as great as in adult females on average. Besides, men have more testosterone receptors than women, especially in the visual region of the cerebral cortex (the part of the brain that processes information from the senses). 


Therefore, different hormone levels and numbers of receptors would result in differences in visual perception between men and women. These differences may be the reason why women can better distinguish tiny differences between colors than men. 



While women can tell you emerald green is more saturated than pastel green, men are more sensitive to fine details and rapid movement. This suggests that men are better at reading a letter on an eye chart or recognizing a face. 


3. Hunter-gatherer responsibilities 


Human beings lived a hunter-gatherer life thousands of years ago. The hunters traveled the land to seek prey and the gatherers foraged for plant foods, berries, and nuts.



As hunters, men should be able to distinguish between predators and prey from afar. On the other hand, women should have a better close-range vision because they need to forage and gather wild foods from trees and bushes.


Although further research is necessary, the differences mentioned above may contribute to the visual differences between men and women. So next time, think twice before asking your husband or boyfriend to choose lipstick color for you, because this task is too difficult for him to complete!


5 Answers

My husband will get all the answers wrong
You don't need to tell me. Mine too. Lol.
Weird, my boyfrend can't see the difference but my gay friend always can, he has a better color sense than I do.
I know! My gay friends are all better at fashion things than me. Maybe there are some gene differences or something.
Did it ever occur to any of you that the husbands, boyfriends, et al just don't care?
Isn't that annoying that your partners just don't care?
You don't care about your partner's lipstick = You don't care about her
Indeed, they are all red.
you forgot to mention that a large percentage of men are color blind
Thanks for reminding, it's true men are more likely to be colorblind than women, because the genes responsible for the common inherited color blindness are on the X chromosome.
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