Try Fasting: Reducing Inflammation and Improving Chronic Inflammatory Diseases

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Fasting regimens have gained public and scientific interest in recent years, and it is more than a fad.



In a recent study, researchers found that fasting reduces inflammation and improves chronic inflammatory disease without affecting the immune system’s response to acute infections, which is real good news for those who are suffering from the diseases.



Acute inflammation



Acute inflammation is a general pattern of immune response fighting off infections that starts rapidly and becomes severe in a short time. Signs and symptoms of acute inflammation are normally only present for a few days but may persist for a few weeks in some cases.




Chronic inflammation



Chronic inflammation refers to long-term inflammation and can last for several months and even years. Chronic inflammation can have serious consequences for health, including heart disease, diabetes, cancer, multiple sclerosis, and inflammatory bowel diseases.




Caused by

Harmful bacteria or tissue injury

Pathogens that the body cannot break down, including some types of virus, foreign bodies that remain in the system, or overactive immune responses





A few days

From months to years


Inflammation improves, turns into an abscess, or becomes chronic

Tissue death and the thickening and scarring of connective tissue

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Why fasting is related to inflammation



Caloric restriction is known to improve inflammatory and autoimmune diseases, but the mechanisms by which reduced caloric intake controls inflammation have been poorly understood," said Miriam Merad, MD, Ph.D.


Dr. Merad and colleagues found the mechanism behind the relationship by studying mouse immune cells.



Intermittent fasting is proved to help reduce the release of monosytes, a kind of pro-inflammatory cells in blood circulation. The cells were found going into “sleep mode” during periods of fasting in further investigation.


"Monocytes are highly inflammatory immune cells that can cause serious tissue damage, and the population has seen an increasing amount in their blood circulation as a result of eating habits that humans have acquired in recent centuries," said Dr. Merad.



The study significantly revealed an enormous potential in investigating the anti-inflammatory effects of fasting, giving the amount of diseases that can be caused by chronic inflammation.


Researchers are continuing deciphering the molecular mechanisms, which could lead to therapeutic strategies for the treatment of many human diseases.



Apply intermittent fasting



To know more about how to apply an intermittent fasting for beginners, click New Popularity: The Simplest Way for The Most Benefits.

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Have been reading benefits of fasting a lot these days, I started to be convinced that fasting does help people to live longer. And this post, about fasting reducing inflammation, may explain why fasting help people live longer. Many diseases, including cancers, start from inflammation. I'll try the 5-2 fasting.
Just give it a try. Please come back and share your experience with us!
Have tried fasting for one day, with only water and two apples. I wasn't feeling hungry as I thought for most of the day, however when I ate an apple I started to feel so hungry. In an hour I had another apple. I was still hungry, so I drank 500 ml water, then I felt better. Went to sleep earlier that night, I was kind of low I guess due to low blood sugar? I had a good sleep. The next morning I lost 1.4 pounds.
Sounds good but I’m not sure about the likelihood of those stones — kidney stones gallstones etc.. Wouldn’t fasting make you prone to the stones?
Yes. Fasting would cause accumulation of biles in the gallstones, which in the long term, would contribute to gallstones. Meanwhile, fasting without drinking much water makes you susceptible to kidney stone formation.
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