Alcohol Is No Excuse for Your Drunk Behavior: You Are Just What You Are

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You probably know the feeling of waking up, with headache and dizziness, struggling to remember what happened after that extra drink last night. Then the memories all come in a sudden, and you start to regret.



Alcohol disinhibits us, making us say and do things that we normally don’t do. You may have seen someone expressed love to another after drinking, or you may have experienced it yourself. You may know a friend who is always being very aggressive and ends the party up with a fight after drinking.


Indeed, alcohol has a depressant effect which makes us feel more relaxed. But of course it’s not all positive. Some people are “happy drunks”, while others are “aggressive drunks”.



Lots of articles have documented the relationship between alcohol and antisocial behavior, and it was believed that people tend to misinterpret social situations and lose their sense of empathy when drunk, which may lead to a mess.


However, a recent study reveals that things may not be like that.



How you change when drunk



People usually use alcohol as an excuse when they have done something wrong while under the influence of alcohol. But in a recent research which intended to paint a clearer picture of how drinking alcohol, empathy, and moral behavior are related, researchers discovered that consuming alcohol does not seem to influence your moral standards.



According to one of the researchers, “the conclusion is that while consuming alcohol might affect our empathy, making us respond inappropriately to other people’s emotions and reactions, this doesn't necessary change our moral standards, or the principles we use to distinguish between what is right and what is wrong.”



How the experiment went



Researchers gave participants shots of vodka and then measured their empathy and moral decisions by presenting them images showing various people expressing emotions.


After having a higher dose of vodka, people began to respond inappropriately to the emotional displays, reporting that they felt positively about sad faces and negatively about happy faces. The more alcohol they consume, the more impaired their empathy became.


The first conclusion came out that drinks weakened people’s abilities to understand and share the emotions of others.



For morality, researchers asked participants for their thoughts under certain moral dilemmas given to them and observed what they actually did in a simulation of a moral dilemma in Virtual Reality.


The result was that, while alcohol might have impaired the empathy of the participants, it didn’t have an effect on how they judged the moral situations or how they acted in them. They would do the same thing whether they got drunk or not.



“It turns out that while we might believe that alcohol changes our personalities, it doesn’t. You are still the same person after a drink – your existing sense of morality left intact. So while alcohol might affect how we interpret and understand the emotions of other people, we can’t blame out immoral behaviors on alcohol.” Said one of the researchers.

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No more excuses for drunk cheating. Cheating is cheating, drunk or sober.
Damn right. No excuse for my goddamn ex boyfriend who raped me when he's drunk. I shouldn't have forgiven him. He's a jerk. Luckily I've left him and find my Mr Right now. He's the one I wanna marry to.
Your ex is a jerk. I feel happy for you to find the Mr. Right.
I think many people show their true color after getting drunk because they've lost the capability to disguise. A decent drunk man is a real decent man.
True. A disgusting drunk is disgusting anytime.
True words. If you're an ***hole when you start drinking, it's only going to get worse...
Correct. It's time the truth is told. What's in you will come out. Alcohol was your crutch to say and do what you wanted .

My mom always smiles even when she's drunk. She tells others she's okay even she's vomiting and feel really bad. She's a kind person all the time.
I always want to do some horizontal engineering when I drink. What does this mean?
Maybe the engineering stuffs lie in your blood. lol.
Getting drunk has nothing to do with your moral standard. However it gives you an excuse to do what you don't dare to do. Those immoral things. They all happen when you are drunk.
Being drunk is an excuse, but being drunk is not an accident. That's a decision people make. There's no excuse for drunkenness.
Why is most everyone anonymous but you.umm
You completely skipped over the details of the moral study and went from"For morality, researchers asked participants..." to a conclusion about the behavior without explaining anything about the questions.

Did they ask participants about murder and make conclusions about their views on sex?

Your article is weak - you don't go into details about the questions and the conclusions about their morals.  Someone might not change their morals on murder or war, and yet change their views on sex or even how they respond to people.  Don't you believe responding to someone and being more or less empathetic is a moral action?  Of course it is.  Being a jerk to someone when you should be sympathetic IS moral behavior yet you claim people don't change their moral behavior.

And then there is the whole "A recent study..." which indicates you don't even know how to do a citation for a study.  You don't give credit for the ideas for the study, which happens to be plagiarism.  And since you don't give the identities of who did the study, it leads me to believe it could be your brother in his basement.  Was it a major university or a diploma mill in Equador?

It makes a difference.

If you were writing in my class you would recieve an "F" for your paper.