Live 10 Years Longer: The Secret to Longevity

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Everyone wants to live a healthy, happy and long life. While science has yet to find a true fountain of youth, researchers have found that people who are optimistic are more likely to live longer.



Optimism can lead to longevity


Whereas previous studies have found some risk factors for diseases and premature death, scientists know relatively less about positive psychosocial factors that can promote longevity.


A recent study, however, found that individuals with greater optimism are more likely to achieve "exceptional longevity," which means to live to age 85 or older. Optimism is a mental attitude reflecting a belief or hope that good things will happen, and outcomes will be positive, favorable, and desirable.



About the study


For the study, the researchers surveyed 69,744 women and 1,429 men and compared their initial levels of optimism. Compared to the least optimistic groups, the most optimistic men and women:

—Had an 11 to 15 percent longer lifespan

—Had 50 to 70 percent greater odds of reaching 85 years old


The results were maintained after accounting for age, health behaviors and demographic factors such as educational attainment, chronic diseases, and depression.



"This study has strong public health relevance because it suggests that optimism is one such psychosocial asset that has the potential to extend the human lifespan. Interestingly, optimism may be modifiable using relatively simple techniques or therapies," explained corresponding author Lewina Lee, Ph.D.


Why optimism can bring people longer life


Although it is unclear how exactly optimism helps people attain longer life, "the link between optimism and health is becoming more evident," noted senior author Fran Grodstein, ScD.



According to the researchers, more optimistic people may live longer because:

—They are able to regulate emotions and behavior more effectively.

—They are able to bounce back from stressors and difficulties more effectively.

—They tend to have healthier habits, such as doing more exercise.


Longevity may seem beyond your control but being optimistic may boost your health and put you on the path to a long life.


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Grandma lived 95 years old, she never minded other's business. Don't think too much, thinking is the source of pain.
I agree. When you think too much, you will have more things to worry about. Sometimes you create a problem that wasn't there in the first place.
This is doable and depending on the individual's attitude.  You need to look at  your behavioral pattern and be willing to change it, so you can live happy, long, life.  And with depression and anxiety it can be hard. So I need encouragement and hope that it will get better.  Mentally and physically.  I look forward to my friends and family for their support. Please with support help me better my mind, my, behavior so I can live a longer, happier healthier life.
I highly recommend listening to positive music such as Best day of my life by American Authors and Happy by Pharrell. Sometimes your frame of mind is about what you fill it with.
I really like the Happy song. It is a mood lifter. Plus I invested in a pet. He helps me on rough days.☺
I knew it!
I need to live until my 80 year old house is 100 and then I can kick off at the wild celebration...…..
I agree I do Dialysis 3 times a week for 3 hours I talkes to God' he know my goal is 110 yrs old