Possible food poisoning

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He’s 56 male  a diabetic with high blood pressure ate a piece of sausage that wasn’t. Good he has stomach cramps 101.3 temp leg cramps back hurting arms did hurt as well

 is it food  poisoning or maybe something else

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Other critical questions: Did people who ate together with him had similar symptoms? If he ate with someone, and other people do not have symptoms, then it is not food poisoning. If the other guys have similar symptoms, then it is very likely to be food poisoning. If he are alone, then it is hard to say. You only know it definitively by sending the remaining food to be examined.
Did he have diarrhea? how is he now? Hurting arm sounds like a heart attack.  If he feels very uncomfortable, go to ER ASAP. Diabetic patients have very mild pain when they have heart attack.
Yes, it most seems like to be food poisoning. She has stomach cramps and moderate fever after eating unhigenie food, making food poisoning very likely. Meanwhile, the possibility of other conditions should also be excluded. If the symptoms do not disappear, then you should see a doctor
I ate some old mixed nuts in my protein drink this morning,Now i feel real sick to my stomach,what could I do to help releaf my stomach?
Nothing would help much. Generally the symptom will disapear within at most a few days.