Selfie vs. Posie: Which Can Bring You More Fans on Instagram

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If you post a lot of selfies on your Instagram account and want to be "liked" by many people, you might want to think twice and post more posies instead, because selfies may bring you fewer and fewer fans.



Selfies can leave people bad impressions


In the United States, there are more than 100 million active users on Instagram and about 1,000 selfies are posted there every second.


In a recent study, the researchers asked 119 college students to rate the Instagram profiles of 30 students from another university. 



It turned out that individuals who posted a lot of selfies were viewed as less likeable, less successful, more insecure and less open to new experiences than individuals who shared a greater number of posed photos taken by someone else, known as "posies".


Besides, the selfies that focused on physical appearance drew particularly negative reactions.


Why people prefer posies to selfies



The researchers think that it may be due to the fact that posies are more natural, and similar to how the observer would see the poster in real life.


"It may be that posies seem more natural or realistic, that selfies have taken on a negative connotation in pop culture, or that people who post posies are viewed as more sociable," explained lead author Professor Christopher Barry. "People who post selfies may be judged as not having others around," he added.


Selfies can be a sign of self-absorption


Although selfies are not necessarily a sign of self-absorption, there is a chance that others may view you that way based on posting many selfies.



After reviewing this study, Dr. Sudeepta Varma explained the obsession with selfies." We want to feel like we matter, that we are appreciated and validated," she said. "We want confirmation that we are attractive, to boost our confidence and self-esteem, to receive praise from others.”


For people who want to build self-esteem, you can try to engage in hobbies, spend time with your loved ones or pursue a passion project. These are more permanent ways than posting selfies on social media.


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I do prefer posies more than selfies, posies are refined, with nice composition and angle. Most selfies are not even good to look at.
Are those selfies all different? It seems to me that for one instagramer, all of her selfies are the same. Why so many selfies? so annoying
Why do you find it annoying?? Beautiful things made my day!
People take almost all selfies at a 45-degree angle, that's why all selfies look the same. The 45-degree can make the chin look slender.
Do you know people like to center selfies on their left eye? Most people do so.