Coconut oil boosts immune system for preterm newborns

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Coconut oil has been transforming the health and skin condition of preterm babies, and the reason was recently found by researchers.



Researchers discovered that fatty acid monolaurin, a substance with antimicrobial properties which is in coconut oil, can be found in the blood of babies treated with coconut oil. They also found the substance is effective in countering bacterial diseases commonly affecting newborns.


The examined and revealed that the clinical grade coconut oil product contains high enough levels of monolaurin to provide antimicrobial properties. The test in the blood of preterm babies treated with coconut oil followed, and the result appeared that the oil can be well absorbed to protect babies from infection.



More than 15 million infants are born prematurely each year (11 percent of all pregnancies) and they are incredibly vulnerable to infection.


Most preterm infants may need antibiotics to protect them from infection. However, antibiotics have a major impact on the development of infant gut microbiota with broad, potentially life-long consequences.


Applying coconut oil can boost the immunity of preterm infants and have lifelong health effects by reducing the need of antibiotics in early life.



The process of applying coconut oil to the baby is also an effective way to contribute to the relationship and intimacy between parents and their baby. And since coconut oil is affordable for most families, it is also widely applicable.

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