Too Much or Too Little Sleep Can Bring Higher Risk of Heart Attack

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Just like eating healthily and exercising, a good night's sleep is very important for everyone. A good sleep isn't just important for your energy levels, it is also critical for your heart health.



How sleep is connected to heart health


Most of you have already known that insufficient sleep can increase your heart attack risk, yet the latest study shows that getting too much sleep can be a big problem, too.


In the study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, the researchers analyzed the genetic information, self-reported sleep habits and medical records of 461,000 participants aged 40 to 69 who had never had a heart attack, then followed them for seven years.



The researchers found that compared to those who slept 6 to 9 hours per night:

—People who slept fewer than 6 hours had a 20% higher risk to have a heart attack.

—People who slept more than 9 hours had a 34% higher risk to have a heart attack.


They also found that the more or the less people slept, the more their risk increased. For example, compared to those who slept 7 to 8 hours per night:

—People who slept 5 hours had a 52% higher risk to have a heart attack.

—People who slept 10 hours had a 100% higher risk to have a heart attack.



Just being healthy doesn't change things


After taking into account 30 other factors, including body composition, physical activity, socioeconomic status and mental health, the researchers found that sleep duration influenced heart attack risk independently. This means if you are healthy but you sleep too much or too little, you are still more likely to develop a heart problem.


For those who are at high genetic risk of developing a heart attack, sleeping between 6 and 9 hours per night can offset that risk, the researchers noted.



"This provides some of the strongest proof yet that sleep duration is a key factor when it comes to heart health, and this holds true for everyone," said senior author Celine Vetter.


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Only persons with poor hearts sleep for a long time. Long time sleeping itself suggests a poor heart.
That is very confusing information; you darn if you don't and you're darn if you do.  I don't believe that 8- 10 hours sleep is bad; I feel like a million bucks after a good night's sleep.  My skin and face looks fresh; how can that be bad?
It turns out that stress exists even when I'm asleep.
You're not dead. You're weird.
You might have a little less risk than somebody who doesn't sleep 7 days a week at least six hours.I'm not an expert by any means.
Your need for sleep varies as you get older. 6-9 hrs is a large scale. Better narrow it down. According to age ranges.
What if I really need 10 hour sleep? Do I need to shorten my sleep time?
Go natural.
Hey, I need a 10-hour-sleep too. I can be SO satisfied after sleeping for 10 hours.
yeah they may have found "something" but I don't care I'd sleep as much as possible
Controlling sleeping time is more tiring than a tiring sleep. I'll get a mental disorder before a heart one.
Can't sleep freely even.
why doesn't anonymous get a life.
Good heavens. I'm two kids' mother. I sleep less than six hours every day for a long time.  I'm sure all mothers have this pain.
For me, the process of falling asleep every day is simply suffering. How can I fall asleep as fast as possible??
Take 10 mg of Melatonin
Take it 30 minutes before bedtime