Soft Drinks Can Lead to Early Death

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Do you love soft drinks? If so, you are not alone. The United States ranks first among countries in soft drink consumption. Millions of people enjoy one or two glasses of cold soft drink each day. But after you read this article, you may want to think twice before drinking.



The latest study published in JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) Internal Medicine found that having lots of soft drinks, both sugar-sweetened and artificially sweetened, is associated with a higher risk for all-cause mortality.


About the study



In order to examine the association between total, sugar-sweetened, and artificially sweetened soft drink consumption and all-cause mortality, mortality from circulatory diseases and digestive diseases, Amy Mullee, Ph.D., and her colleagues recruited 451,743 participants (mean age, 50.8 years), and followed their health conditions for an average of 16.4 years.


About the results



If we consider the hazard ratio of all-cause mortality, mortality from circulatory diseases and digestive diseases for people who drink less than one glass of total soft drinks per month as 1, the hazard ratio of other groups of people were:


Less than one glass of total soft drinks per monthAt least two glasses of total soft drinks per dayAt least two glasses of sugar-sweetened soft drinks per dayAt least two glasses of artificially sweetened soft drinks per day
All-cause mortality11.171.081.26
Mortality from circulatory diseases1--1.52
Mortality from digestive diseases1-1.59-



According to the results:

—Greater consumption of total, sugar-sweetened, and artificially sweetened soft drinks was associated with all-cause mortality

—Greater consumption of artificially sweetened soft drinks was associated with deaths from circulatory diseases

—Greater consumption of sugar-sweetened soft drinks was associated with deaths from digestive diseases



"Results of this study appear to support ongoing public health measures to reduce the consumption of soft drinks," the authors wrote.

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You need a certain amount of cola to cause death. A little bit cola a day keep the unhappiness away. Happiness make you live longer.
Thank you! I agree...I have cut back enormously.....and it helped my diabetes too, but I do so Love cola!
It has been well known for years cola has acid content.
They put nails in a bottle of coca cola and it would disappear in a few days.
Our stomach acid is much more potent than any acid in a cola.
The real reason for cola becoming toxic is corn syrup, manufacturing changed from cane sugar to corn syrup in the early 1980s.
Diet drinks have always had one or the other cancer causing artificial sweeteners.
In the 1970s Tab was found to cause cancer.
So it's old news.
It is the combination of all the other chemicals we consume today that are in our food as dyes, Preservatives,and artificial flavorings.
You cannot assume one thing such as a soft drink causes death, unless a huge amount is consumed.
Processed sugars are very destructive, and they are in more products than you realize.
Somthing is very wrong with food in general today.
Take a look at the obesity rate for males along with low testosterone levels even in younger men.
We cannot expect manufacturers or the FDA to be responsible for our health, that is a task we must do ourselves.
By JM for Clyde
You are so right thank you for your comment...
you are right Public health has seen a steady decrease and obesity, an increase, since we began using corn oil and corn syrup. We feed our livestock what?-corn  Humans were not ever built to digest corn. I may drink diet Dr. pepper often, but I shun corn products like the plague.
MONSANTO corn is not to be eaten or consumed by anything.  Mexican corn is a staple in Mexico, so where do you stand with that?  GMOs, gluten, corn syrup, partially hydrogenated are all key words to stay away from including animal food.  Nothing can be smarter than to read labels.  You know the YAMS you buy in the can for Thanksgiving & the Holidays are not Yams at all "read the ingredients".
Why are they allowed to put all this crap in food and drinks? They banned tobacco products. So why not these.
Oh wow that’s crazy I don’t even drink soda like that.
They used to make me happy but Im afraid they dont now and wont forever.
I dont know about death rate but I do know what it does to teeth.
Look at Donald Trump who has a cola order button in his office. Drinking cola every day and fuck the world up at 73.
We will pray for you..
I agree. Pray for those who harbor so much anger expressed toward our President.
TRUMP 2020
God please help. Enable those amongst us that cannot see that our President is hopelessly inept and corrupt.
I have seen ads for toilet cleaning with soda.
I see all 5 of you could only post as "anonymous", shame.  To June 25, the inept & corrupt is you. My God didn't die & leave you in charge.  When or if you have a new President we will see how that goes for you.
I am a Trump supporter and proud to list my name.  And I WILL pray for you.
Trump is amazing and has selflessly served our country.  TRUMP 2020!
These colorful cute guys with bubble angels are presents from God I can NEVER give them up.
Well I don't think it's actually a risk. I'll just continue.
I saw an experiment putting human teeth into cola for a month. I will never drink sodas again.
I don't Like Soft Drinks I Love Chocolate Milk and All Chocolate Drinks
I pretty love drinking them... Am I killing myself?