Social Skills Gained, Emotion Regulated: What an RTP Can Offer Your Kid

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Children learn about the world through play. They develop consciousness of cultural norms and socialization guidelines, and experiment with different ways to interact with their environment – those are mainly from interactions within a group of children, or between mom and child.


However, if the father is involved in the play, it becomes more physically active and competitive, which performs an equally important role in a child’s development.



The rough-and-tumble play


The rough-and-tumble play (RTP) is full of excitement and challenge. There are some common fun RTP activities for kinds.


1. Airplane. For bigger kids – let the kids fly up high, their tummies resting on your feet and their hands held in your hands tightly. For little ones – rest them on your shins and just bounce gently.


2. Sumo wrestlers. Stuff a couple of pillows up your shirts, take a running start, and bump tummies.


3. Steam roller. Let kids lay down on a bed side by side. Dad starts at one end and rolls across the kids.



4. Water skier. If you’re standing in the pool, bend your knees just a bit so your child can stand on the tops of your thighs. Hold his hands and run backward through the water so your child can ski. At home, sit in a chair with your child standing on your lap, holding his hands so he’s positioned like a water skier. Rock forward and backward for a little balance challenge.


Of course dads are not the only adult participants. Moms can also engage in such play with their kids, and the outcome for child development is likely to be just the same.


Improves social skills


In a study focusing on the quality of father-child RTP and children’s emotional and behavioral problems, researchers found that high-quality RTP was defined as being warm and sensitive, dominance-sharing and playful in nature.



High-quality RTP can improve children’s prosocial behaviors, which include consideration for others’ feelings and sharing well with others.

Improves emotion regulation


Researchers also found that active, physical and competitive play is linked to better emotion regulation. That’s because RTP activities with dads tend to push the kids to their limit, set goals that are just a bit beyond their reach, and get them worked up.



Reduces injury risk


In a study looking into the relationship between father-child RTP and childhood injury rates in 46 families, researchers revealed how these two factors related: the more dads engaged in RTP with their kids, the fewer injuries those kids sustained.



The reason is, according to the researchers, that RTP can teach kids about their limits – how far they can physically push themselves.


Don’t always dominant as a parent


It’s important for the parents engaged in RTP to be aware of the balance between winning and losing. With the frustration that comes with the losing, kids can learn to regulate their emotions and have a better development.



RTP teaches children how to regulate their emotions, how to safely push and extend their limits, how to assess risky situations, and how to get along well with others. What’s more, physical activity has multiple health benefits. RTP is the sort of thing we should be encouraging parents to do regularly.

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Why is father more important in games?
first things first kick my bf's ass to the gym so that he can carry the baby
I'd your boyfriend cant carry a baby he needs physical therapy not a gym. I'm disabled and can carry a baby. They dont weight that much.
Not one single game has my dad played with me. Shame on him.
Do you have difficulties in social skills, emotion regulation or self protection? If not then the games are nothing.
Games teach lots of things and any social interaction can be good for children.
You know, you need Penny rather than Leonard to do some RTPs.
Tiring. Never wanna try that.
I enjoy playing with my kid. I think the kid's emotions in games are vital.
I'm a mother. I think moms can also complete these games perfectly and push the children to their limits. Mothers are UNDEFEATABLE thanks to those irresponsible dads. Plus, I prefer to develop kids' communication skills and concepts of rules and competition. Those are life-long things.
Some mothers are truly more responsible than fathers. And I agree, these concepts and skills are also important. You're doing great as a mother!
Moms are so busy doing chores and the important duty to feed the family healthy nutritious food 3xaday.She has to gather that food , distribute and store . Many moms have to work and taxi their children to and fro.Dads have the most important and necessary jobs , protector, provider and leader.
The Children are what they see,remember that because they will. We are their mirror ❤️
That is typically the case but there is no reason that moms shouldnt he considered providers and protectors as well. Or that dad's cant taxi kids around. It isnt about what sex your parents are so much as the importance of children seeing positive roll models.
Not all mothers are responsible more and more mothers are leaving children to be raised by their fathers. And there is no reasons that a father cant do just good as of a job as any mother.
Dads body swing best of all huh
Company be the best education.