What is Dysthymia?

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Dysthymia is characterized by a long term generally down mood.  Patients with dysthymia may show these symptoms: loss of interest in daily activities, sadness, hopelessness, tiredness, low self-esteem, feelings of guilt, poor appetite and sleep problems
I was diagnosed with dysthymia in 2017 and I am still looking for a drug combination that gives me some joy in life. I also go to a self-help group and attend recovery groups as well as going to therapy once every two weeks.

 I am troubled by dysthymia now, and here are some tips I'd like to share with you:

1.   Make sure that you are getting enough sleep and you are staying asleep.

2.   Set boundaries. I follow the principle of "is this good for me? If not, it isn't good for anyone".

3.   Be gentle with yourself.

I think I might have it because: I do have low self-esteem and always feel as though nothing I do is good enough. I rarely get a whole night's sleep. Would it be dysthymia?
It sounds not. What you're going through just be a rough patch. But then, if you feel like there's something specific is bothering you, like low self-esteem, and it is interfering with your life, maybe you should speak to a counselor or psychologist. Best wishes.
If your doctor suspects you have Dysthymia, exams and tests may include Physical exam, lab tests and psychological evaluation.
The two main treatments for it are medications and talk therapy.