Pubic Grooming May Increase Risk of Sexually Transmitted Disease

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You probably have, at some point, removed some – perhaps even all – of your pubic hair. It’s not uncommon for American women to remove their pubic hairs – you can even find a detailed guideline in wikiHow. According to a national study in 2016, nearly 84% of the 3,316 women surveyed had groomed their pubic hair, and 62% had removed it all at least once.



You may have heard that pubic grooming may lead to some skin conditions, however, a new study showed it’s also linked to Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STIs), the most common infections among adults.


About the study


Researchers conducted a survey of US residents aged 18-65 years. The survey asked participants to about pubic hair grooming practices, sexual behaviors and STI history.


In the study, researchers defined “extreme grooming” as “removal of all pubic hair more than 11 times per year” and “high-frequency grooming as daily/weekly trimming.”



STIs involved in the study include:


Cutaneous STIs: herpes, human papillomavirus, syphilis, and molluscum.

Secretory STIs: gonorrhea, chlamydia, and HIV.

Slice were analyzed separately.


Of 7.580 respondents who completed the survey, 74% reported grooming their pubic hair, 66% of men and 84% of women.


Researchers use odds ratio (OR) to describe the relationship between pubic hair grooming and STIs. The more the OR exceed 1, the stronger the link is between pubic grooming and STIs. After adjusting for age and lifetime sexual partners, the results are shown in the form below.


Types of STIs or lice


All types


Cutaneous STIs


Secretory STIs





For extreme and high-frequency groomers, the associations between pubic grooming and cutaneous STIs were stronger.


Types of groomers


Extreme groomers


High-frequency groomers



To conclude, among a representative sample of US residents, pubic hair grooming was positively related to self-reported STI history. Researchers are also planning to gain insight into STI risk-reduction strategies.


Of course grooming pubic hair means neat and a more comfortable sexual experience for most people. Just choose your preference anyway.

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hairs, no matter pubic hairs or armpit hairs, are just normal for the human body. You cant just "remove" them coz you dont like them.
Yes you can
Pubic hair serves no useful purpose that is not also offensive to the olefactory sense. I like for it to be trimmed in women, men I don't know. I startled myself once so I trim mine so I don't look scary.
Too funny
God no more meant for human beings to remove pubic hair , then he intended for them to sleep with each other outside the context of marriage , soooo
And the children sure are paying for it !
that's for sure.and several
STD s come from animals origionaly.
How ??
GTF outa here with your godshit.
Amen. If God wanted no hair  we wouldnt have it. Its there for a reason
Seems to me that sexual behavioral patterns would be a good thing to correlate with this grooming practice.
People who groom their pubic hair tend to be more sexually active. That's the most likely connection there. Don't be stupid, grooming doesn't cause any disease whatsoever nor does it make one more susceptible, or weaker Sampson and Delilah
Can u not read?
That's it for sure! Thank you for answering that question intelligently......
I think the fact that people are grooming means they are highly sexual. This article is insulting to any intelligent person.
Aren’t they all. I try to find solace by believing intelligent people exist but we’re doomed by the overwhelming comfort of ignorance.
Pubic hair is NOT hygienic. At the end of the day one becomes smelly and that is not a good feeling.  In my opinion it had nothing to do with sex.  All to do with being clean and neat.  STI does not happen when there is faithfulness in a marriage
Grooming of public hair means neat and clean. Who wants to have sex with someone NOT neat or clean? Of course neat person gets more intercourses, of course the more intercourses, the higher chance of STD. Now the two are positively related, but not cause and effect. Maybe they should print an STD prevention warning on any hair removal tools.
Being a professional model and exotic dancer I shaved my pubic hair every day for seven years never had any infections except razor bumps or a rash from shaving against the hairs natural growth direction. Before I started shaving I dyed my pubic hairs depending what color hair dye I was using at the time so they would match.  First time to shave cut hair close then use electric shaver, then suds up with sensitive shaving cream and shaving blades. Next time use olive oil on pubic area to shave  it's a great help to keep away bumps also always use flushable wipes after using the toilet cuts down on infections.