Your Personality May Link to Your Cell Phone Addiction

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There are phobias of all kinds, trypophobia, claustrophobia, thalassophobia, but perhaps the most modern-day phobia is nomophobia, the fear of without a mobile device, or beyond mobile phone contact.



Nomophobia is everywhere in industrialized nations. In the U.S., the situation is even worse. Scientists are now identifying the personality traits that may increase or decrease the degree of vulnerability to nomophobia.


Nomophobia and personality traits


In order to gain a deeper understanding of nomophobia, a recent study was designed to test whether there are personality traits that may cause higher possibility of suffering from nomophobia.



In the study, almost 1,000 adults were asked to do two tests, one to evaluate the level of nomophobia and the other, comprising 240 items, measuring temperament and character.


The results suggested that some factors can increase the risk for nomophobia, while other factors can protect against it.


Factors that can increase the risk for nomophobia include:


—Having gratification-seeking behaviors

—Requiring positive reinforcement from others



Factors that can protect against nomophobia include:

—Being helpful

—Being empathetic

—Being compassionate

—Being socially tolerant

—Being willing to collaborate with others


"Spiritual maturity, the desire to feel fulfilled, the ability to meditate, and non-materialistic thinking — all of which are linked to high levels of satisfaction with life — are shown by the study to exert a protective effect against nomophobia," Professor López Torrecillas concluded.



Depression and sleep problems


Nomophobia can disrupt individuals' normal routines and prevent people from living a normal life.


"Prolonged use of mobile phones can also cause sleep problems, depression, and retinal damage, it can generate muscle tension, and it affects behavior, like any other addiction," Torrecillas observed.



If you stay 24/7 with your smart phone and you get anxious when you cannot use it, it’s time for you to take a break. After all, smart phone should be your servant, not your master.

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its information era and phone era how can you cut your use of phone?
In the past my dad would call me but later when we all started using social media he learned to use whatsapp. i do worry we will whatsapp with cold texts ever
phones are an equal wall and loneliness for us all.
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