Considering Yourself as a Loser? Irrational Beliefs to Blame

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Do you think you must be loved and approved of by everyone in order to be happy or to have a sense of self-worth? If so, you are having an irrational belief because it cannot possibly be achieved — no one is loved or approved of by everyone.



Scientists have found that such rigid, extreme, and illogical beliefs can make people suffer unhelpful emotions that can hinder performance, whether in sport or at work. Irrational beliefs can easily lead you to lose, but you may not realize that you are having one.


Don't worry, psychologists have developed a free test which reveals how the way you think affects your performance.


The Smarter Thinking Profile



The Smarter Thinking Profile, developed by Dr. Martin Turner from Staffordshire University, can provide users with a detailed report identifying their illogical beliefs. (To learn more about Smarter Thinking, you can google Smarter Thinking Profile or get Smarter Thinking App on the App Store or Google Play.)


"In sport and at work we all face crunch events. A cup final that comes with extra pressure; work equivalents like a big presentation. But is it the event that creates the stress? Or is it the way we think about the events? There's no doubt that the self-imposed pressure can lead to a poorer performance," expanded Dr. Andrew Wood.



The questionnaire will cost you 10 minutes and then provide you with a 17-page downloadable report. The questions measure four types of your beliefs, including:


—Frustration Intolerance




When you have your results, you can use the Smarter Thinking App to help change the illogical beliefs or seek medical advice.


The benefits of Smarter Thinking



For individuals, you can:

—Identify the illogical beliefs which might be holding you back

—Challenge the irrational beliefs to maximize your potential


Smarter Thinking can not only bring benefits to individuals, but also help organizations or companies. "The profile is for anybody who wants to understand their own performance beliefs but we can also tailor reports for businesses who have a number of employees who take the test," said Dr. Wood.


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The tool is practical for both recruitment of companies and the happiness and outcome of the employees.
I always encourage everyone and anyone to understand themselves and live a better life.
right-oh! you dont need be liked by everyone you just be happy and like yourself
sounds interstin. cant wait getting one.
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