Yogurt May Bring Benefits to Obese Women

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As you try to incorporate healthier habits into your busy lives, you must be more mindful of your food choices. But that doesn’t mean you have to skimp on taste. Many tasty foods are known to support good health, like yogurt! A new study has just found one more reason to love yogurt.



Scientists found that yogurt may help improve insulin resistance in obese women with metabolic syndrome (MetS) and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD).


MetS and NAFLD


MetS is the name for a group of risk factors that raises your risk for heart disease and other health problems, such as diabetes and stroke, while NAFLD is characterized by an abnormal accumulation of fat in the liver, due to causes other than excessive alcohol use. Both MetS and NAFLD can be caused by insulin resistance (IR).



Since the consumption of conventional yogurt has beneficial effects in a healthy population, the researchers wanted to see if yogurt can improve IR in patients with NAFLD and MetS.


About the study


In the study, the researchers recruited 92 obese women aged 36 to 66 with both MetS and NAFLD. The participants were asked to consume 220 g/d of either conventional yogurt or milk for 24 weeks.


48 participants from the yogurt group and 44 from the milk group completed the intervention. It turned out that yogurt significantly improved IR compared with milk.



The researchers don’t know why exactly yogurt can improve IR, which is a common hallmark of NAFLD and MetS in obese women, but they think that it may be because yogurt can improve lipid metabolism, reduce inflammation, oxidative stress, and change the gut microbiota composition.


Last but not least, these findings, as well as previous studies and trials, show that yogurt intake can benefit both healthy individuals and people with obesity.


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Does yogurt help men?
Sure it does. Yogurt helps lose weight, provide protein and beneficial bacteria for men. It may even improve male infertility.
want some recipes of yogurt
yogut salad
ths confuses me alot can i drink yogurt if im allergic to milk?
No, of course not. Yogurt is made of milk.
Yogurt DOES benefits. no wonder they say yogurt makes you live longer.
how obese are obese women? I'm pretty heavy and drink no fat yogurt every day. don't know if it works.
Use metric units for calculating BMI, formula: BMI = weight in kg ÷ (height in meters squared)

Underweight: 17.9

Normal: 18 to 25

Overweight: 25.1 to 29.9

Moderately obese: 30 to 40

Severely obese: More than 40
People said having yogurt instead of fresh milk can lose weight!
i just think yogurt is mooooooooooore delicious than milk.
Oh Yeah!!!
Try 2 or even whole Greek yogurt plain add non sweetened berries. Lots of yogurt is loaded with sugar, that's what puts on weight not the fat. Add olive oil to your diet and add good fat not sugar.