Bruised or fractured rib

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I am 52 years old man. I fell on my left side onto my left arm. My left side hurts a little and my left hand is slightly swollen with slight pain to my left elbow. Should I be concerned?

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Need a chest X-ray to say if it is just a bruise or a rib fracture definitively. Clinical symptoms do not aid too much in this differentiation.
If the pain is not severe, you can wait and see. You can take OCT pain killers such as ibuprophen that can also inhibit inflammation. If the pain has gone, you don't have to be concerned. But if the pain continues, you can take X ray of your left arm as well as thorax.
I have. A bruised or broken rib that I got from falling sat evening. I could
Breathe after it h it happened, I was is very painful and  no . What do you think doc?
You may have a broken or a bruised rib. Most broken ribs heal on their own within six weeks. Restricting activities and icing the area regularly can help with healing and pain relief.

It's important to obtain adequate pain relief — if it hurts to breathe deeply, you may develop pneumonia. If oral medications don't help enough, your doctor might suggest injections of long-lasting anesthesia around the nerves that supply the ribs.

Once your pain is under control, your doctor might prescribe breathing exercises to help you breathe more deeply because shallow breathing can put you at risk of developing pneumonia.

In the past, doctors would use compression wraps — elastic bandages that you can wrap around your chest — to help splint and immobilize the area. Compression wraps aren't recommended for broken ribs anymore because they can keep you from breathing deeply, which can increase the risk of pneumonia.
I would be concerned.
Under breast it's a little swollen not to much pain but still there fell flat on left arm and side.
How long has it been? It's better to be checked by CT. Did you have any injury before? You can go to see a general surgeon first to check it.
Wgat can they do for a bruised rib ??
The treatment depends on the number of fractured ribs. If you have more than 2 fractured ribs, or you have flail chest, hemothorax, surgery is suggested to fix the ribs. If you have less than 2 fractured ribs and no chest injury, conservative treatment (chest girdle) is suggested.