Eyes blurry and sudden double vision..

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39/F. Blurry vision and seeing double. The dbl vision clears when I close one eye. Do I just need glasses? Or could this be something more serious? Med: Oxy and occasional Xanax. No heart problems as of yet. Thanks for any info!

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Yes, you need to go for further check-up. The most common cause is stroke. Strokes impede blood flow in the brain and can cause blurry vision, double vision, or sudden loss of sight.

Have you tested your lipid level before? Do you have atherosclerosis plaque on the carotid artery? High lipidemia is risky for young people to develop stroke.

Anyway, you need to see an ophthalmologist firstly and I think he will prescribe examinations required to clarify the causes.
There are many causes of double vision (diplopia), but sudden-onset double vision is a different thing and almost always points to an underlying, serious problem. For example, this is a possible symptom of a mini stroke or an aneurysm. Need to go to the ER for further evaluation.
Today I had a very sudden, fairly short attack of double vision.  Closing each eye at a time indicated that eacy eye was not affected by anything that I could tell.  A couple of weeks ago I had a couple of dizzy spells with no weakness or feeling faint.  They were fairly strong but only lasted a couple of minutes.  They haven't returned.  Any iideas?
Hi Kay, I think it might be caused by TIA, which means the transient ischemic attacks. You need to have a brain MRI to check. And if you have hyperlipidemia, it's time to change your life style such as eating less oily food and not staying up too late etc.
Maybe you have to see a neurologist. Sudden double vision that becomes normal quickly may be a sign of transient ischemic attack. This condition is very serious and should be treated early.
Double Vision mainly @ night when driving.  Road is going all over the place.  I had CVA 2 years ago.  Was told by doctor that I have Cateracts.  On a lot of medications.  Including Atenelol 100mg. daily & Bumex 1 mg.daily.
Cataracts do cause double vision! You can have a cataract surgery. It is very effecitve and safe
blurry vision and seeing crosseye at same time
Any other information? There are just too many diseases that would cause blurry vision. Even short eyesightedness could cause this. If the blurry vision is constant, you need to see an ophthalmologist