How long does food poisoning last? What can you take to help?

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The duration usually depends on the type of food poisoning, dosage and absorption. The symptoms are serious. When poisoning is found, you should wash your stomach immediately or take plenty of water. How to treat it depends on what kind of food you take.

It generally lasts a few days to a few weeks. During food poisoning, you should see a doctor and get IV fluids to prevent dehydration. If necessary, antibiotics can be given intravenously. Oral medications to help relieve the pain or vomiting can also be considered.

It depends. I’ve the experience of food poisoning, but it didn’t last long. My gf and I had dinner in a Thai restaurant last week. I love green chicken curry and ate most of them. Everything is just right until when I was back home , 2 hours after the dinner.

Suddenly I was hit by sudden nausea with mild abdominal cramping and I started to sweat. I had to stop what I was doing because of the urge to vomit. But it’s just the urge. I couldn't lie down so I knelt still at the foot of my bed with my head on the bed. Burping gave temporary relief. Another urge to vomit hit me. I rushed into the bathroom and tossed everything up. I immediately felt better n seemed totally recovered. The entire episode from onset of symptoms lasted 45 minutes.