I was told I have a rotator cuff tear, however, I can move my arm, most of my pain is scapular very intense pain.

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Im 54 year old female and a nurse. The pain is very severe to my scapula and right upper arm. No meds have done injections which helped for a short time. I don’t want surgery though I want to stop the severe pain.

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You should have a shoulder ultrasound or a shoulder MRI scan to:

1. See whether you have rotator cuff tear or not

2. If positive, whether the tendon tear is partial or complete

Conservative management is OK for partial tear. For complete tear, conservative management would not be very effective. In this situation, surgery is frequently done.

You can try different painkillers. The most effective one I know is Percocet. 

One of my relatives has this disorder as well. He uses flurbiprofen cataplasm to paste on the skin of the pain site. The orthopedist said, if you can bear the pain with the painkillers, you don't need surgery; if the painkillers don't help much, then surgery will be considered.