I have a blood cancer and I have thrombocytopenia, real bad. Mostly on my arms.. Is there anyway to get rid of it?

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73 female.  It looks like my arms are going to rot off . I take four different medicines for my CO PD

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Your thrombocytopenia is a symptom of your blood cancer. Many patients with blood cancer have reduced number of platelets.  In order to improve your platelet number, first you have to treat and control your blood cancer. Also, you probably need platelet transfusion or TPO (thrombopoietin) injection intermittently to improve platelet number. Finally you have to watch out to avoid abrasions and collisions.

Thank you.
How low is your platelet? It possible, you need to do platelet transfusion. Then your internal bleeding problem on your arms will be improved. Anyway, have you consulted a hematologist? They are the professionals.