5 Exercises to Improve Your Hand Mobility

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People use hands every day, from texting to taking things to giving high fives. But as you grow older, you may suffer from stiffness or swelling in your hands. So, how can you keep the palms and digits in good working shape?


Today, I will show you some commonly recommended exercises that can improve your hand and wrist problems. If you feel pain when you bend your thumb, like you will have trouble opening a jar, the following 5 exercises can improve your hand mobility:


1. Hand/finger tendon glide (This exercise relieves my stiffness most effectively!)


(Credit: Harvard Health)


—Begin with your fingers extended straight out.

—Make a hook fist, then return to a straight hand.

—Make a full fist, then return to a straight hand.

—Make a straight fist, then return to a straight hand.


2. Thumb flexion/extension


(Credit: Harvard Health)


—Begin with your thumb positioned outward.

—Move the thumb across the palm and return to the starting position.


3. Wrist extension and flexion


(Credit: Harvard Health)


—Place your forearm on a table or on a rolled-up towel, with your hand hanging off the edge of the table, palm down.

—Move the hand upward until you feel a gentle stretch.

—Return to the starting position.

—Repeat the same motions with the elbow bent at your side, palm facing up.


4. Wrist supination/pronation


(Credit: Harvard Health)


—Stand or sit with your arm at your side with the elbow bent to 90 degrees, palm facing down.

—Rotate your forearm, so that your palm faces up and then down.


5. Wrist ulnar/radial deviation


(Credit: Harvard Health)


—Place your forearm on a table, on a rolled-up towel, or on your knee, thumb upward.

—Move the wrist up and down through its full range of motion.


You should do these exercises slowly and deliberately and hold each position for 5–10 seconds. Do one set of 10 repetitions, three times a day.


If your hand condition is painful or debilitating, you’d better go to a physical therapist. If you feel numbness or pain during or after exercising, stop and contact your doctor ASAP.

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These messages are for mutual support and information sharing only. Always consult your doctor before trying anything you read here.
I'm  having numbness on both hands so i was kind of worried what happened to me why i have trouble feeling this way on my hands so find this exercise on fb and I try it help my hand getting  better but still I have to check with my doctor for check up .