Authors Financially Tied to Beef Industry? Real “Low Health Risks” of Red Meat?

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A recent study claimed the health risks of red meat were not high as we thought, and we could continue eating red meat. To be honest, I was pretty encouraged by the research because I really enjoy eating steaks, and it gave me a reason to indulge myself.



My dream of “Keep calm and eat red meat,” however, died because of the news that the researchers of the mentioned study were receiving funding from a university program partially backed by the beef industry.


Because of the potential bias in the study, I guess I should start the “red meat limited” life again. Sadly.



The previous study was also posted in this account. You can find the link here: The Controversy of Red Meat: Is It Bad or Not?


It was reported that the researchers from NutriRECS, who claimed that meat eaters should continue their current levels of consumption, were the partners of an arm of Texas A&M University called Agriculture and Life Sciences (AgriLife), which is partially funded by the beef industry.


Although one of the authors said the meat study was completed before the new funding came from the beef industry, and that beef accounts for just a tiny fraction of research at AgiLife, further investigations are still needed.



The Editor-in-Chief said that if there was a funding source for this study that was not disclosed, the journal would have to publish a correction.


I hope the study is real, though, so that I can continue my red-meat unlimited life.

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Life is short in the big scheme of things. I enjoy a really great rare steak, at least once a week. It makes me feel good and quite happy. Therefore no matter what "they" say, I will eat my red meat as often as I can afford to buy it. It is the simple things in life, that make it great and worth living! EAT MORE BEEF!!! Thank you.
As a health coach/consultant I know that overwhelming research indicates not only is a plant-based diet best for health, it is infinitely better for the environment, especially as compared to beef. In fact the biggest thing the average individual can do to help the environment and keep our children from facing crises of monumental proportions that we can only imagine is eliminate beef - there's really not much debate on that except from the meat industry's minions who have been relentless and purposefully throwing out false or misleading information about both diet and the environment. If they just confuse the issue enough that you're not sure what to do, then they've won, because people want to hear that the foods they love are good for them. Follow the money, folks. A lot of health "experts" are just trying to make money off paleo and keto or low carb or no beans or no bread - whatever new diet will get you to think you need that NEW info enough to spend more money. These are the same experts that were touting vegetarian or vegan or high carb or something entirely different last year. (Very sad, but SO much of the info you hear is by people who really don't give a dang about you or your health in any way, but they DO care about your money.)  A cool app to help you see how each meatless meal impacts the environment was created by one of the great grandsons of Charles Darwin - check it out - it's called the Darwin Challenge, and no I'm not part of it in any way :-)  Plant-based is the only way to go.