Want to Burn Double Fat & Be Fit? Exercise Before Breakfast

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I’m just interested in all healthy-living related things, attending aerobic classes, pumping iron, running a marathon…anyone like me? Well, fitness enthusiasts over there, it’s time to take a note! Researchers have found that exercising before breakfast can burn double the amount of fat and increase health benefits of exercise.



Changing the timing of when you eat and exercise


The timing of when you eat and exercise is suspected to be related to how effective the exercise is, but is it true?


In order to figure out the mystery, the researchers recruited 30 obese or overweight men and divided them into three groups: people who exercised before breakfast, people who exercised after breakfast and people who made no lifestyle changes.



The research team found that people who exercised before breakfast burned double the amount of fat and were more responsive to insulin than people who exercised after breakfast.


Exercising before breakfast can benefit your health


Let’s put it this way. Before today’s breakfast, you eat nothing since last night’s dinner. When you have fasted overnight, your insulin levels are lower. Then, when you exercise before eating, you can use more of the fat from your fat tissue and within your muscles as a fuel, and keep blood sugar levels under control.



You may think that exercising before breakfast can burn more of the fat and thus help you lose weight faster. But this is not true. Exercising before or after breakfast won’t have any differences for weight loss. Better yet, exercising before breakfast can benefit your overall health.


So, exercising before breakfast can improve how your body responds to insulin and potentially lower your risk of type 2 diabetes and heart disease.


To conclude, if you don’t eat overnight and do exercise before breakfast, you can have more health benefits than you thought. Let’s reset our morning routine tomorrow!


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I am thrilled to consume this new knowledge of help to loose weight in a healthier manner. It is great explanation of how exercising before having breakfast can benefit individuals since I have experience in the medical field. I am also fascinated by the fact that how simply it is to say and motivate people to preform such practice to the body into enhancing one self’s health, body, diet as well as conference. I love this post!
Thank you for your reply! I'm so glad that this post really helps you. Hope I can inspire more people in the future. :)
I always do  aerobic in the monring, before breakfast, I just can't see myself getting any slimmer. What's wrong?
Mybe you eat too many? I dont' know. But it's really hard for me to lose weight by exercising. I control my diet and eat little for dinner. It works for me.