Neck Pain May Not Be Caused by “Bad Posture”

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Neckache is such an annoyance, as the pain in the neck can sometimes sideline me for days. And I’m not the only sufferer. Over the past 25 years, the occurrence of spinal pain has increased greatly in the U.S. and the world. It's often said that neck pain is caused by “bad posture,” but you may suffer from neck pain even you have “good posture.”



The misunderstanding of postures


You may have been told that bad postures would lead to neck pain, but scientific evidence suggests that you are blaming the wrong guy for the whole time.


The researchers recently conducted a study involving 1,000 teenagers who had various sitting positions. The study results show that positions have nothing to do with pain. The popular “ergonomic interventions” — changing your workstation and working position — also have little impact on preventing neck pain or treating it.



These study results suggest that postures have less to do with neck pain. So, what causes neck pain?


Sleep, exercise and relaxation are risk factors


The researchers found that people with neck pain didn’t sleep well, worked under great pressure, and took fewer physical activities.



In other word, if you don’t have enough sleep, don’t sleep well, don’t exercise nor take relax, you are more likely to have neck pain and have it for a long time. In order to have a stronger neck, you should be more active, make sure the quantity and quality of your sleeping, and try to maintain a lighthearted mood.


To conclude, there may be no “bad positions” at all. You can just sit freely at your desk. And if you have neck pain unfortunately, do something relaxing, go for a walk after dinner, and go to bed earlier. Maybe neck pain will not bother you for long.


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Everytime I slept on my neck awkwardly I had horrible pain in my neck. Last time I got pain on the left side. If I turned my head left in any way I got a huge jolt of pain. The result is me walking around with my head tilted to the right. AND FOR A WEEK. Anyway, everytime I got neck pain is because BAD POSTURE.

I think your situation is not quite same as this post. youneed to see the doctor coz you seem to get hurt. The post is just about temporary pain not pain like yours
yeah,that it is.
I believe I have almost constant nape of neck pain which can be very common in
People suffering from Lyme’s infections.
Also the usual tests for Lyme’s aren’t reliable & best used for very fresh cases.