Being Forgetful? 4 Tips to Help You

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Wait, what’s the name of the guy you met yesterday? Wait, what should you buy at the supermarket? Wait, where are your keys? Wait, what were you doing before you started reading this article?



If you are a forgetful person, don’t worry, I’m here to help you. Here are four best tips that can help boost your memory:


1. Say it loudly


If you want to remember a thing better, you can try to say it loudly.


For example, when others introduce you a new friend Richard, you may just say, “Nice to meet you.” But by saying “Nice to meet you, Richard,” you say his name loudly, which can help you better remember his name.



Besides, if you can tell the information to another person, it can help you remember that thing even better. That may be why many parents can easily recall the stories they told to their kids. So, you can just tell your friend you knew a new guy named Richard yesterday.


2. Associate word and number


Feel it hard to remember your new mobile number? Try to associate it with other numbers you are familiar with, including room numbers, ages of your kids or birthdays.



Likewise, you can try to remember almost any type of information by dividing it into words and numbers. Then you can associate them with other words and numbers to help you remember better.


3. Make to-do lists



To-do lists can be your best friend.


Scientists have found that your brain is better at recognizing words on a to-do list than ideas in your mind. So, making to-do lists can prevent you from forgetting things. It can also help you finish tasks more effectively.


4. Make friends with technology


You live in a technological world, and it’s time to make some technological friends. The Notes and Reminders on your iPhone can help you take notes and make lists. You can also add the names of people you meet in the Contacts so that you can repeat their names and remember them.


Keep these tips in your mind. Let’s hope they can keep your memory sharp.

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The ONLY reason I think the article is telling the truth is I REALLY cannot remember what I wanted to do before clicking in this . It' s quite common for me picking up my phone then completely forget what I wanted todo . Sometimes I have searching Amazon for so long before I realized I was to call my husband telling him buy some vegs for dinner . then it ' s too late to tell cos he has arrived home then and by no means would he step out of our home again .
Doing physcial exercise more, you'll have better memory.
Sometimes I have searching Amazon for so long before I realized I was to call my husband telling him buy some vegs for dinner -- same here. When I picked up my phone I liekly forget everything else other than tapping the phone screen.