New Anti-Aging Drugs May Lead to Better Health

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Most people are afraid of aging, because aging means becoming weak and disabled. But what if “age is just a number” turned out to be true, and you could have a great quality of life at your 90s like you were still 40? Well, recent research suggests that this can be more than a pipe dream.



Why aging causes negative changes


In order to deal with aging, people should first know the reasons behind age-related changes like diseases.


One of the main causes is called “cellular senescence.” This happens when cells become too old to divide and thus damage the tissue around them.



Before, many people believed that cellular senescence is a result of aging. But recent study has found that removing senescent cells from mice can reverse many aging symptoms. This shows that cellular senescence is actually a cause of aging. Since there is a cause, scientists may be able to develop an anti-aging drug on this basis.


The potential anti-aging drugs


In a mice model, scientists found that combining dasatanib (a leukemia drug) and quercetin (a natural product in vegetables) could lead to better health and prolonged life.



In clinical trials, scientists used the two drugs on patients with a progressive lung disease called idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. The combination of the two drugs successfully improved their conditions. 


Although these drugs have side effects and may only be used on patients with severe diseases, scientists may be able to develop similar anti-aging drugs for ordinary people in the future.



Along with anti-aging drugs, some molecules may also have the potential to make senescent cells become younger again


The miracle molecules


Scientists have found that resveratrol in red wine and chocolate can rejuvenate senescent cells and make them youthful again in a lab setting. Fisetin in strawberries, apples and onions can also lead to better health in mice, which has already used in clinical trials. These small molecules may be put into use in drugs one day.



To conclude, in a foreseeable future, there may be safe and effective anti-aging drugs to fill elder people with youthful energy — or at least middle-aged comfort.

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I'm not gonna pretend I'm fine with getting old naturally. I Do Care! No one wants to get old. I hope there's something they can work out. Being young is good and tasty, and it'll be this way for ever and ever.
I only need they develop a good cancer drug. I'm okay to get old, only not okay with a death threat that may pop up any day.