Narcissism May Better Deal with Depression

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Ever tried being a friend or love partner with someone who always thinks "I know best" or "It's all about me?" Someone who only listens to him or herself? If so, you may find it hard to get along with narcissists.



It’s true that narcissism is often seen as a negative personality trait, but a recent study finds that narcissists may be less likely to experience stress or depression.


The study of narcissism


The researchers studied 700 people across three separate studies. The participants were asked to answer some questions. Then the research team measured their level of narcissism, mental toughness, and symptoms of depression and stress.



It shows that there are two main forms of narcissism: grandiose and vulnerable. “Vulnerable narcissists are likely to be more defensive and view the behavior of others as hostile whereas grandiose narcissists usually have an over inflated sense of importance and a preoccupation with status and power," said Dr. Kostas Papageorgiou.


It is grandiose narcissism that may help people deal with depression and stress better.


Why grandiose narcissism can benefit you



The research team has found that grandiose narcissism can increase mental toughness. This means people with grandiose narcissism tend to be more confident and can focus on their own goals. These can reduce their likelihood of experiencing symptoms of depression.


In addition, people with grandiose narcissism reported lower levels of perceived stress. This means they are less likely to view their life as stressful.


To conclude, surely not all traits of narcissism are good, but grandiose narcissism may make people feel less stressed and deal with depression better. On this basis, scientists may be able to find more ways to treat depression in the future.



Last but not least, narcissism is just a result of evolution of human nature. Sometimes it can be harmful, and sometimes it can be beneficial. Maybe it’s time to eliminate the prejudice against narcissists.


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It's true. My husband is a narcissist, he's always anxious but never depressed.

I don't get how you can suggest...'its time to eliminate prejudices'  when narcissistic behavior leads to failed relationships and even domestic violence. ...NEVER get involved with a narcissist if you want to be happy. And therein lies the  'prejudice'  but very necessary to protect ones self from a bitter end.
Guess you are right.