Which Part of the Body Does Oxyphil Cell Carcinoma Affect?

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It affects the butterfly-shaped thyroid gland in the front part of the lower neck.
I’ve heard someone talk about Hurthle cell cancer whose symptoms are quite similar to those of oxyphil cell carcinoma. Is Hurthle cell cancer the same as oxyohil cell carcinoma?
Yes, oxyphil cell carcinoma is also what people usually called Hurthle cell cancer (or Hurthle cell carcinoma). It is an unusual and relatively rare type of differentiated thyroid cancer. 4% of people diagnosed with thyroid cancer suffer from this condition. Generally, it is more common among females.
Who is more likely to develop this disease?
According to the statistics, people meeting the following conditions may be put at a higher risk of developing oxyphilic cell carcinoma.
1.    Being older.
2.    Being female.
3.    Having a history of radiation treatments to the head and neck.
My friend’s mom was diagnosed with this disease 2 months ago and she has problems with swallowing and breathing. Is it an indication of other diseases or are they just symptoms of this disease?
Hi, problems with swallowing and breathing are complications of this disease. You’d better tell your friend about this because it will end up with something worse without prompt treatment. As for the symptoms of this disease, most people may not experience any symptoms. But if they do, symptoms may include: pain in the neck or throat, a lump in the neck, just below the Adam’s apple, and hoarseness or other changes in your voice.