Central vision loss due to mini stroke. Is it possible for some vision to return?

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72  had no symptoms ,on blood pressure med and celestial all seemed fine ,stroke went to eye

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The chance is very small. How long since you had the stroke? Technically, It depends on the area of the infarction and the recovery of blood perfusion. The infarction part is dead and nothing can recover it.
I am not sure whether the "mini-stroke'' you said is the same as a medical mini-stroke. Did you mean that the stroke is not severe? In medicine, mini-stroke refers to transient ischemic attack. This condition precludes the onset of a stroke but itself is a reversible process. This means that with the mini-stroke, you have vision loss, but this is temporary. The symptom only lasts a few minutes. But if you leave it untreated, you will have a stroke. If the mini-stroke means a not severe stroke, then the damage is permanent. It is very unlikely to regain some vision.