Is it normal for my blood pressure to fluctuate from around 144/90 to 117/74?

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I’m 58 yr old male 168lbs and my blood pressure is normally average (122/74/78). However, I ate 4 rib bones few days ago and blood pressure raised to 168/100/68. In a few days it slowly dropped to presently 127/81/70. I hardly eat pork and when I do it’s a small amount of ham during Thanksgiving or occasionally 3 ribs.

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Did you measure your Bp after 5 minutes of rest every time? You should. If you only had 168/100 for once, no need to worry. Just keep monitoring and record it. Then show it to your your doctor at next visit. If you have BP over 160/100 for too many times, you should revisit your doctor soon.
Don't worry, it's normal.