I had a few seizures but the EEG test shows normal. They were seizures with involuntary movement. Why did it not show?

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42 female lamotrogine,  qudexy,

Jerking, stiffness, weakness, short of breath,  unable to fully respond.  Nausea Tired.

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Have you seen a neurologist after you had the result of EEG? Have you done other tests for your brain? What's the suggestion of your doctor? How long you have been suffering from this? I suggest you see a specialist and do further tests.

It is very common. EEG is just an ancillary method to help clinicans to detect and diagnose seziures. But this method is not 100% sensitive. It could not detect every case. Some studies reported that the overall sensitivity of EEG in yielding abnormal interictal epileptiform discharges was only 62.7%