Men with Sexist Ideas Are More Likely to Abuse Women

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According to UN, 1 in 3 women and girls experience some form of violence in their lifetime, most often at the hands of their husbands or partners. Of course, not every man tends to abuse a woman, but researchers have found that some men are more likely to do so than others.



Suppose you are a single girl and want to find a boyfriend from the 100 men in the next building, how can you tell which men are more likely to violate you and keep away from them? Well, here are some tips.


Their views on masculinity matter a lot


Masculinity refers to the roles and behaviors associated with boys and men. Traditional stereotypes about masculinity include strength, dominance and sexual attractiveness.



At present time, a gentleman usually ranks good health, a harmonious family life and a good relationship with partner as more important than being sexually attractive and being stronger than women. In other word, nowadays, masculinity often refers to men's willingness to counter the traditional stereotypes and see women as their equals.


Men who still believe they should be more powerful and dominant than women are more likely to commit violence against women.


Besides, those who believe in rape myth and justify sexual aggression against women are more likely to rape women than other men. Their male friends are also more likely to do so, as the old saying goes, “if you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas.”



This has been a social risk


If most men in a society believe that they should be more superior than women, then the whole society or the entire nation will embody this kind of inequality and sexism.


For instance, gender inequality occurs in India and Tanzania all along, and the rates of violence against women in these two countries are always higher than other countries.



Sexist ideas of individuals lead to a sexist society, and sexist society can lead to more sexist ideas and violence in turn. For example, suppose there are sexist norms in the next building, though most men there never commit violence against women, they tend to turn a blind eye to other people’s violence, virtually causing more violence.


To conclude, girls, be careful with those with sexist ideas. Those who believe in gender equality are more likely to be respectful partners or husbands.


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He hits me all the time and I’m tired of it after I left ever thing was so much better
First of all for example say you and I are in a relationship and I love you and in love with you, well there you are it's the word Love for I am to give you all my love to you and I don't expect anything in return from you I respect your wishes your wants and needs why cause that is Love
Well said
The idea that men and women are equal in all respects is a false product of the postmodern era.Men and women were created with different weaknesses and strengths. Women have advantages in someways and men have advantages in others. The Bible addresses these differences and Jesus Christ held women to the highest degree.  If people recognized this violence against women minorities and others would stop or be greatly reduced.
What god said makes sense. but god itself is nonsense.
so in short you are saying you believe in nonsense from a non-existent entity?
The devil is a liar
This bizarre and confused blather of yours is both sick and sickening.

What you're advocating is that society return to a world where men have absolute control of women and that they should be permitted to assault them if they resist.

 But what is truly sick is when you imply that the only reason men ever become violent with women it when women refuse to do as they're told. I cannot tell you how sick and reprehensible this is and how absolutely unhinged it makes you look
Amen and we'll said.... anonymous Dec 11, 2019..
viewpints differ in comments as do beliefs. living in an abusive househkld indeed does effecr all occupants and in a union as well. sometimes both parties contribute fo the madness. speaking on my viewpoint in