What Are the Possible Symptoms of Pediatric White Blood Cell Disorders?

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My 12 yr old son, been feeling not himself these days.

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Hi, Claudia! My daughter was once diagnosed with this disease. So, I guess I can help you on this question! Back then, different symptoms showed up as it progressed. At first, I thought my daughter just had a bad fever because the only symptom was the recurring fevers. However, with the passage of time, symptoms such as infections, skin abscesses and mouth ulcers kept popping up. It freaked me out, indeed! I even thought about losing her forever cause the doctors we visited previously didn’t give her a precise diagnosis! None of them! Finally, we got a doctor excellent in treating WBC disorders. He reassured us that it was gonna be OK. Now, my daughter isn’t bothered by those symptoms at all. Just wanna say, you really need to find the right doctor!
Thank you for your advice! It really helped!
How does your daughter feel now? What symptoms have already showed up?
Worse than ever. He got unexplained fever for several times, and also some boils on his skin. Yesterday I found two mouth ulcers within his mouth. After tapping these symptoms in Google’s search box, it suggested that this could be pediatric white blood cell disorder. I’m so scared!
For some of those who are affected by WBC disorders, they may not experience any symptoms. If they do, symptoms may vary depending on the genre of the disorders. Besides, most symptoms may be closely related to different infections. For example, in most cases, people may suffer from fever, mouth ulcers, skin abscesses, and frequent or recurrent infections with unusual bacteria, viruses, or fungus. In severe cases, people may also end up with pneumonia. If any of the symptoms shows up, you’re highly suggested to check it out with your doctor!
God...That's horrible...