Best Way to Lose Weight: On-Again, Off-Again Diet

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I still remember when I lived in Hong Kong for 6 months in my gap year. I got 22 pounds heavier during that half a year because, to be fair, foods in Hong Kong are really good.


You can guess what happened next: I went back to my city, my mother almost wasn’t able to recognize me at the airport, and I decided to lose weight, which took me the next three years just to turn my weight back to the previous figure.



Yeah, things are always like that – it takes you 6 months to gain fats but 36 months to get rid of them. Your weight always waves and waves and waves, however many efforts you make.


The good news is that a recent study published in the International Journal of Obesity has suggested an alternative that can provide better weight loss results and is easier to stick with, which means you may not feel as hard as I do to lose weight (weight loss is always painful though).




The MATADOR study


51 obese men were involved in the MATADOR (Minimizing Adaptive Thermogenesis And Deactivating Obesity Rebound) study for a total time length of 20 weeks.


In the first 4 weeks, researchers calculated their caloric needs, and then the participants followed either a continuous diet or a “restricted intermittent diet” of two weeks on and two weeks off for 16 weeks.


The outcome showed men who followed the restricted intermittent diet achieved greater weight loss than the other group, indicating that a two-week-on, two-week-off diet plan could help you shed unwanted weight and keep it off.



However, when you try this weight loss strategy on your own, do remember not to indulge yourself during the off weeks. The idea is to have restricted diet for two weeks, and a normal, balanced diet for the followed two. The off-weeks should help reinforce the moderate eating of the diet weeks and give your body time to adjust to your progressively lower weight.

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Anyway, it's very hard to lose weight.
I mean its really not that hard bc I lost 10lbs in the past like 2-3 weeks with out doing any diet.
I like the concept of the diet however, this was a study involving men, what about women?
Hope someday they'll carry out a study for women. Women are always forgotten.