Lose Weight: Why Exercising Is Less Helpful Than Eating Less

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I have to admit it: I love donuts, puddings, chocolates, cakes, pies and all the sweet foods. I’ve never been overweight, but I know I will be soon if I don’t take any action. Last year, I finally bought myself a stationary bike, and hoped it can save my weight as well as my waistline.



In the first two months, I lost several pounds. After increasing my time on the bike from 40 to 60 minutes a day, I successfully lost another few pounds. Since then, my weight just refused to go down no matter how much I exercised.


I was so confused about that. Since I basically ate the same things as before, more exercises should reduce more energy and help me lose more weight. But why what I expected didn’t happen?


Why I can no longer lose weight through exercising?



In the long term, increased exercise leads to increased energy expenditure, but energy expenditure doesn’t rise that much. In addition, it rises more and more slowly and then reaches a stable and constant level.


In other words, the body adjusts itself. If people exercise more, the body will reduce the energy it spends on other, nonessential functions in order to compensate for increased exercise. This may also be the reason why I feel colder when I exercise more intensively. My body reduces the function of heat generation.



Importantly, such reduction in function may do harm to your health. Scientists suggest that intense exercise may alter the ovarian cycle in women, diminish sperm production in men and reduce libido.


Although moderate and regular exercise is good for health, exercise may have little impact on losing weight.


Eating less is more helpful than exercising



According to scientists, controlling calorie intake can help control body weight more effectively, though it is hard for many people.


When you reduce calorie intake, the body also adjusts itself and lowers the speed of physical processes like metabolism. And these adjustments won’t offset the reduction in calories, which leads to weight loss.



Of course, extreme dieting can also harm the body. But cutting calories within a reasonable range can be more helpful for losing weight than exercising. I confess I still miss my chocolates sometimes, but I’ve already started limiting calorie intake and doing moderate exercise. I hope I can succeed in losing weight sooner.

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I can barely lose any weight by doing physical exercise, the only way that works for me is less intake of foods.
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