5 Benefits Exercise Can Bring You Except Weight Loss

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In modern society, weight is an evil thing. It is said people with excess weight must be unhealthy. So, many people strive to do exercise in order to lose weight.



But what many don’t know is that exercising is never directly linked to losing weight. And apart from losing weight, exercise can bring you way more benefits.


Here are five extra benefits of doing exercise


1. Improving cardiopulmonary function


Cardiopulmonary function is the interrelationship between the function of the heart and lung organs. It is related to how far you can run without stopping. If you can run for longer time, it means you have a better cardiopulmonary function.



Swimming, cycling indoors and lifting weights are great exercises that can help you improve cardiopulmonary function as well as joint function and muscle mass.


2. Lowering the risk of heart disease and stroke


Exercising regularly can lower your blood pressure, improve the delivery of blood and reduce inflammation. Even if you have a high BMI or diabetes, exercising can lower your risk of heart disease and stroke.



3. Burning the “bad” fat


Fat is stored in our body as an energy source. Breaking down fat needs to take lots of oxygen, which makes fat harder to be used than glucose.


Although doing more exercise doesn’t necessarily leads to burning more fat, exercising regularly can really reduce the “bad” fat stored in your organs or around them. The “bad” fat is more likely to raise your risk for serious medical issues than fat underneath your skin



4. Improving mental health


Exercise increases blood flow to the brain and increases the release of endorphins, hormones produced naturally in the body that can cope with pain or stress. In other words, exercise can improve mental health, reducing stress and alleviating depression.


5. Preventing weight regain



While exercise is not very effective in losing weight, it is a good way to prevent weight regain.


Exercising regularly can make your body use stored fuels and thus help you maintain weight over a long period of time.


To conclude, no matter how much you weigh, exercise can always bring you benefits. Let’s exercise together!


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What is good exercises when you are disable and can't run, jog or capable of doing much more due to bad knees  and bad back. I really want to exercise but dont know if it's safe or where to begin
I  prefer you do some exercises in bed, such as sitting on the side of the bed, and put something you can bear on your legs and stretch. It will help you to keep your joint function but will not exert a lot strength. You can also consult a physical therapist for further information.