Am I a psycho?

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My boyfriend proposed the other night with a nice diamond ring, it's actually nice except the diamond is small, it's only 0.95 ct. My best friends L and J, they received bigger diamonds, 1.2 ct and 1.5 ct. I was thrilled when he proposed, but honestly this ring makes me upset. It's smaller than my friends', and it's not even 1 ct. Now I feel so lost, am I not good enough for a bigger diamond? I keep thinking about it. I don't think I can say yes before I figure it out. Am I not good enough or is he not the right one? He doesn't know me at all.

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Gimme ur bf's phone number Let me marry him Let me Have this only 0.95 ct diamond ring
you so damn right you are not good enough All you deserve is to die alone
I don't really understand what you are hesitating about. If it's all about the diamond then you can talk to him, but I think it's not. Since your boyfriend has proposed to you I assume you are about 25 maybe? at least older than 20? how come such a "grown up" say something so hurt? You should know people all earn different salaries and have different life purposes. So why can't you accept him if you have chosen him anyway? I'm also curious about your friend who received a 1.2ct diamond ring. Does she envy the other one with 1.5 ct ring? WHAT ARE THE DIFFERENCES, after all? They are all diamonds. When I was young, my husband only had money for a silver ring, even not good silver. We have been happy together for more than 20 years. Young people nowadays are all about money and status and diamonds. I can't understand girls like you anyway. If you don't accept the ring, just split up. Your boyfriend also need a new loved one rather than you.
Hey, there's a big difference. Can't you read? 0.95 ct, 1.5 ct.
Since there's no difference, I'll pick the bigger one.
Yes you are.
Hey what are those answers above? A man who does not prepare himself for even a 1.5ct diamond ring does NOT deserve a woman, or marriage. Of course you are not psycho. You are normal as anyone else. If he cant even pay for you, what else would you expect him to do?
right you should marry her  Perfect match biaaaaaatch
Ha. That’s awkward... Cause somehow I can relate to what was going on there when he proposed. You know what? Just admit that you don’t think he’s the one for you. I mean, if you really are in love with this person, how come you would be so upset for just a damn 0.95 ct ring? Does that really matter compared to what you’ve been through? Or, you just rush to do all of this and haven’t even got a chance to go through ups and downs together. Whatever it is, you need to make it clear with your fiancé. Otherwise, even if you get married for the moment, you may all end up getting a divorce sooner or later.
Wow, wow, wow, look what I’ve found! What are you, 3 year old girl? Even a baby understands that love counts most and will dwarf everything associated with money! Your fiancé deserves a better girl. If I were him, I wouldn’t have proposed to you!
So enchanted while reading these comments from you guys! But it surprised me that most of you are blaming this girl! Have you guys ever bothered to think in her shoes? Maybe she’s the one who suffers the most! What if this guy is cheating on her but won’t let her go cause the rumors may ruin his career? Who knows! Anything is possible!
Doesn't seem like you love him at all????
A girl wants what her friends all have, how can that be possibly wrong?
He wants hotter girl, she wants bigger ring, so?