Collect Magical “Felt Love” in Your Everyday Life

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Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?

Thou art more lovely and more temperate.



When my father read the sonnet to me for the first time when I was young, he told me it’s about the beautiful love existing in the world. I couldn’t quite understand the meaning then; when I finally started to feel it, I saw the magnificence of the love Shakespeare was holding when he wrote the sonnet to his dear girl.


Well, if I had to choose, I would rather be that girl. Feeling I’m being loved is always important to me. Maybe I’m a little bit narcissistic. LOL.


This is not just me, though: scientists have found that feelings of love throughout the day are connected with psychological well-being. They also said that the findings could one day lead to interventions aimed at boosting well-being.



“Felt love”


Researchers compared the psychological well-being between people who experienced higher and lower “felt love”. Participants in the “higher felt love” group had significantly higher levels in feelings of purpose and optimism, and tended to have higher extraversion personality scores.


“Everyday felt love is conceptually much broader than romantic love.” Said Zira Oravecz, one of the researchers. “It’s those micro-moments in your life when you experience resonance with someone.”


This includes, for example, concerns from your neighbor, greetings from your friends, and a warm smile of the shop assistant. It’s more than your partner and family.




"Just by paying attention to those everyday moments of felt lovae, we may increase our awareness of the overall positive aspects of love in our daily lives. This effect replicates in both studies, implying that raising awareness of felt love in day-to-day life may itself be an intervention that raises levels of felt love over a longer period of time." Said Oravecz.


Try to collect felt love in your life! Those moments may be short, but the influence lasts for long.


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