Extra Virgin Olive Oil May Treat Dementia

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I was just back from supermarket, replenishing my stash for the Thanksgiving feast this week. Among all the things I bought, the most important thing despite turkey must be extra virgin olive oil.



With antioxidants and healthy fats, extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) is said to have many health benefits. Lately, it has gotten even more attention thanks to its potential for protecting memory and the brain.


EVOO can treat dementia in mice


According to previous studies, cognitive impairment is linked with the gradual buildup of tau in the brain, an abnormal form of a protein. Researchers now believe EVOO is a superfood, which can delay the decline in mental function.



The research team used mice with harmful tau deposits in the brain and then analyze the effect of EVOO on their brain tissue.


The mice were fed with EVOO when they were at an age equivalent to about 30 or 40 in human years. When they were at an age equivalent to 60 in humans, the researchers found a 60% reduction in the harmful tau deposits.


In addition, they found mice fed with EVOO finished memory and learning tests better than those who were not fed with EVOO.



In other words, the findings suggest that EVOO may have the potential to keep the brain young and protect people from dementia linked to the build-up of tau.


"EVOO has been a part of the human diet for a very long time and has many benefits for health, for reasons that we do not yet fully understand," said professor Domenico Praticò. "The realization that EVOO can protect the brain against different forms of dementia gives us an opportunity to learn more about the mechanisms through which it acts to support brain health."



So, if you are still using other kinds of oils, you can consider changing EVOO for more healthy benefits.

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My Mother and I believe as well Her Mother Suffered from  Severe Alzheimer’s Disease. With My (GM) it was before the Disease had really been diagnosed and known but Moms started slowly and was successfully treated by meds until She was Hospitalized for Kidney Infection and all her Meds were stopped! Then as She was reintroduced to Her same meds She began to loose more and more cognitive functions till eventually She was living in Her Childhood or other lives unknown to Us and We were Unknown to Her.  I am the Youngest of Ten of My Mothers Children, and due to a Work Related Accident have been disabled for 16 Years. I injured several areas of My back and found out I had Degenerative Disc Disease which the fall I encountered increased the damaged and the rate of damage that the fall caused to several disc in my back making Me a non-favorable Candidate for Surgery to correct these disc.  So my Only treatment has been thus far is a regiment of several different drugs that only are able to reduce My pain level to allow me a half way decent life.  Due to Meds as well as the pain, I have developed as a result a shorter Memory of My everyday in and outs of normal things as well as a shorter long term memory unless I specifically make myself drill something I need to remember into my brain. At times that works other times it doesn’t. How likely due to my circumstances as well as heritage from My Mothers Bloodline am I to develop Alzheimer’s Disease?  My Docs say My condition of Memory loss at present is solely due to the Meds that I have to take to function as well as depression,  from the loss of My life as I knew it  and loss of activities and things I was capable of physically doing before the injuries I suffered in the accident.  


Due to the disease I seen take My Mother slowly away from Me I wonder if I am more out to suffer from the same fate as She did, due to  My Gene heritage and the factors I already have working against My Memory Functions, am I more likely to inherit this awful disease? Does anyone have any hope or actual knowledge of data related to these factors?

Thank You,