These 5 Things Are NOT Worth Buying on Black Friday!

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Ready for the America’s biggest shopping holiday?


You may have prepared your credit card or pocket money for something, and you certainly don’t want to wade into the Black Friday shopping madness without getting anything valuable. First things first, not everything on Black Friday is worth buying.




1. Winter coats


The best time to buy winter coats is definitely not late November, when everyone wants to get their newest style, which leads to increase in the price. Get your winter coats in January is a nice choice – that is when bulky jackets start moving and you find clearance sales.



2. The latest smart phone


Although you may find a store gift card of up to $250 in Walmart, Target, and Best Buy on Black Friday, the deeper discounts are not as many as you think. Better purchase your lovely new phone 9 or 10 months after release.


3. Jewelry 


Wait until after the new year if you want to buy a gift for your loved one. January brings savings in the form of Valentine’s Day discounts.



4. Holiday decorations


Of course it’s a great opportunity to prepare for your Christmas tree decorations. But be patient – Target usually offer significant discounts this Saturday, and you may find the decorations cheaper just after the holidays ends.


5. Fitness equipment


Remember January is prime time for discounts. It’s no secret that retailers often offer better discounts after the new year compared to Black Friday. So maybe you can just wait for a few days before splurging on new workout gear… but wait, daily exercise is good for your overall health and can help you lose weight. So what can you do to keep fit during the holiday period?





Exercise game with your family


What you need is a deck of cards. This is not for those good old card games, but for deciding which exercise you need to do.


Stack a deck of cards on the ground. Pick one card for your partner (or yourself). The suit determines what exercise you are going to do, while number and face cards indicate the amount of reps you have to do.





2-10 = Burpees

Jack (J), Queen (Q), King (K) = 20 Jumping Jacks

Ace = Planks for 1 minute




2-10 = Squat Jumps

J, Q, K = 20 Squats with a Dumbbell Press (or you can use water bottles)

Ace = Planks for 1 minute





2-10 = Push-ups

J, Q, K = 20 Kettlebell Swings or Plank Jacks

Ace = Side Plank, 30 seconds per each side




2-10 = Chin-ups, TRX Pull-ups or Bent Over Rear Delt Fly with dumbbells or water bottles

J, Q, K = 20 Floor Bridge

Ace = Side Plank, 30 seconds per each side




Running or Mountain Climbers for 1 minute.



Repeat this game for 8 to 10 rounds. You can ask all your families to join you, or just finish it by yourself with a 20-30 seconds rest between each two rounds. Hopefully you’ll not get heavier but more fit after the vacation.

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