6 Ways to Beat Post-Holiday Blues

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So, I’ll be honest here. Thanksgiving was wonderful, but this morning I was sitting in front of my desktop, doing my job, and feeling a little blue.



Post-holiday blue is never a myth. After holidays, many people will have a hard time returning to the reality and feel more stressed. How on earth can we back to the old routine and do our job as quickly as possible?


Clinical psychologist gives us some tips:


1. Make some new holiday plans



Part of the reason we feel blue after holidays is because we spend a month or even longer time preparing for it, but the holiday gone so quickly in just several days. Then we back to work with no more holiday plan in the cold and dark days of winter, which may even cause seasonal depression.


In order to refresh yourself, try to think about positive things. You can start to do some planning for next vacation or holiday, for example, selecting a Christmas tree for the upcoming Christmas holiday.


2. Give yourself a job objective



Try to set up a goal when you back to work. This can give you a drive and help you concentrate on work and assignments. As clinical psychologist Linda Smith said, "Having a good plan can help you get back into the swing of business as usual."


3. Organize your desk


After a holiday, your desk can become so messy. This morning when I opened the office door and stared at a mountain of paperwork on my desk boom — I had no idea where I left off.



Ring a bell to you? If so, organizing the desk can help you get your mind into your work. This can also make you productive and back to the peak of creativity.


4. Meditation


Many studies suggest that meditation can help promote relaxation, reduce stress and improve mental health.



You can try to inhale and exhale deeply for five minutes or take a walk outdoors during the lunch break. You can also do yoga before going to sleep.


5. Make a to-do list


It is suggested to make a to-do list before you come back to work. A to-do list tells you all the tasks you need to do so that you won’t be overwhelmed when walking into the office.



When making a list, you will set priorities for all the tasks and coordinate similar tasks. This also helps focus your mind and make you more energized.


6. Frame a new picture in your office


Try to frame a new photo of your family or friends during the holiday. When looking at the photo, you will recall happy memories and light up your mind.



"Recalling a nice memory when looking at a photo may lead to more positive thoughts such as, 'I am loved' which in turn relaxes muscles and breathing [and even] leads to a change in behavior, [causing you to smile more often]," said Smith.


I myself has already felt the effects of these tricks. Hope they can help with your post-holiday blues, too.

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Best cure for holliday blues?  Ditch the famlily nonsense. Find a personal outlook. Me, restore my 49 buick or other car in stable. You onley live once. Make the most of it.
I can't understand those with holiday blues. Work is what makes life meaningful. Staying at home offers you nothing.
You WILL understand when you are too old to work,not healthy enough to get to a volunteer job, maybe no longer can drive-or have a car--and then you have to stay home for the most part.  Then too you will understand when most of your friends and family have already left this earth, living expenses are high, and your retirement income does not make up for it. I was a type A all my life, no more, not able to be. Choices, my love, choices become fewer as age becomes greater.
I'm not blue, I'm sleepy. Can't pull myself together after two cups of coffee.
Thats basically my everyday routine
You feel blue coz you don't know where to start since your work has been left behind during the holiday. The fastest way to get yourself back is to start making a list of action items ASAP. As long as you have a list, you're out of the blue. Waiting, coffee time, chatting, none of them can help.
Waiting, coffee time, chatting, they are all part of the holiday.

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